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Handling products safely is our forte. Easily store, move, control and protect your goods with a number of our solutions.  This process is essential as you need to ensure materials reach their final destination in good condition.

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We know a lot about Materials Handling (seriously we even named our company after the term because we’re considered experts in the field).  Our priority is improving workplace efficiency by optimising your area, so you increase productivity and worker safety.  From moving goods around a warehouse to preparing orders ready for delivery, effective materials handling is the fundamental practice in any logistics environment.

Good material handling processes will eliminate accidents, reduce stress, save time and remove redundant work.  All these elements can cost your business and if they aren’t taken into consideration, then further consequences could leave detrimental long-term effects.  If you want to reduce these hazards and expenses, then you need to ensure you’ve implemented a proficient storage and safety engineered system.

Our Materials Handling range boasts over 500 manual and automated handling products. Container/Truck Loading, Dock Safety Equipment, Drum Handling, Hoists, Flooring Systems, Pallet Handling, Lifters, Bins and Waste Disposal and Vacuum Systems are just a few of the categories we have on offer to you.  As technology develops, we are constantly sourcing new products every day to add to this list.

All components of a materials handling system should work together to deliver a unified resolution.  Some factors we like to consider in this process include performance objectives, material movement, unit loads, ergonomics, environment, automation, life cycle cost, facility space and the overall functionality of a system from receiving to sending goods.  Material handling equipment will aid your processes, maximise efficiencies and deliver results to meet your requirements.
Our consultants are also available to provide recommendations to help meet your strategic objectives and long-term goals.


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