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Container Unloading Conveyor – Destuff-IT

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The Destuff-IT Container Unloader and Restuff-IT Container Loader/Unloader are portable, ergonomic conveyor systems. These two versions are available with innovative and state-of-the-art designs. Destuff-IT helps workers unload shipping containers, trailers and floor loaded transportation. Its twin brother, the Restuff-IT, can also load products with its bi-directional functionality. From loads as small as 1.5 kg (like small boxes) to cartons up to 80 kg (like furniture packages), these devices easily move a variety of products easily, efficiently and safely.

With the implementation of a Destuff-IT or Restuff-IT system, users experience higher productivity, greater handling capacity and increased abilities. These devices reduce potential manual handling strains because they feature optimal positioning and can carry loads over a distance. They are self-propelled machines that have integrated DC powered dual travel drive and steering systems capable of negotiating dock slopes and levels.


Additional Information

The Destuff-IT and Restuff-IT are the best way to manually unload and load. 

These user-friendly devices achieve greater throughput with less worker fatigue, muscle strain or repetitive injuries. Using hydraulic power, the user controls the vertical height of the platform to safely position the device for the product being unloaded. While standing on the platform, the operator holds the rotary handle, which guides the pivoting conveyor either up or down, and left or right. This height-adjustable platform ensures the best ergonomic position by placing the conveyor near the product, thus reducing the risk of twisting, carrying, overhead reaching and other manual handling strains.

Destuff-IT and Restuff-IT devices save time, increase productivity and benefit many organisations. They provide great ergonomics for workers to safely meet occupational health and safety requirements. Each unit is PLC controlled for loading and unloading. They are self-propped machines with an integrated DC powered dual travel drive, innovative steering system and transition plates that help the unit move in, out and around containers, trailers and docks. Destuff-IT and Restuff-IT models come complete with LED lights and a cooling fan mounted on top of the masts. This helps with visibility and comfortable working conditions. 

How does it work?

See it in action!

With Destuff-IT and Restuff-IT, products can be unloaded at a case rate of 900 units per hour. Using the battery-powered drive system, the machine can be positioned deeper into a container. Partnered and integrated with an Extendable/Flexible Conveyor Systems allows a user to unload and load products faster and over a distance. Destuff-IT and Restuff-IT are designed for demanding, continuous multi-shift operations.


  • Increases Case Rate – a user can handle more in less time.
  • Improvement in Dock Utilisation and traffic as the time to unload/load is reduced. 
  • Minimises risk of injury or strain with the device ergonomic design. This reduces potential manual handling injuries or the need to lift, twist, reach or carry heavy loads. 
  • Increases in profit due to fewer injuries and greater efficiencies. 
  • Enhances the workplace by establishing a safe working environment. 
  • Reduces potential product damage as unloading/loading tasks can be carefully administered and fragile products can be handled delicately. 


  • Height adjustable worker platform (max 600 mm) reduces overhead reaching.
  • Optimised conveyor belt-positioning increases productivity.
  • Convenient operator controls mounted on pivoting conveyor.
  • Ergo mat on worker platform for stability, with a stress-relieving non-slip surface.
  • Improves unloading/loading applications. 
  • Emergency stops for user control and safety.

Choose the right model for your applications. 

Destuff-IT Container Unloader: 

The Destuff-IT is a great container/trailer unloading solution. It’s regularly used on inbound receiving docks and it features a modular belt, which travels in one direction only. Some common applications for this machine include use in warehouses unloading docks and handling products, distribution centres, and floor loaded shipping containers or trailers. Using its independent power, the machine is portable and can be used at multiple dock doors.

Typically, companies who use a Destuff-IT can see a reduction in unload times by 50%. The total manhours required to unload a container or trailer is also reduced by a similar amount.

Destuff-IT Container Unloader

Destuff-IT Container Unloader

Restuff-IT Container Loader/Unloader: 

The Restuff-IT machine has the ability to both load and unloads products. Featuring bi-directional functionality, this device is an asset to both inbound receiving docks and outbound shipping docks. It is capable of travelling in a forward and reverse direction. The Restuff-IT is commonly used in inbound/outbound warehouses, distribution centres and floor-loaded shipping containers or trailers. It is also portable and can be used at multiple dock doors.

The Restuff-IT provides flexibility at any loading dock. It increases productivity, health and safety and cube utilisation within a workplace and minimises the amount of lifting required for both loading and unloading tasks.

Restuff-IT Container Unloader/Loader

Restuff-IT Container Unloader/Loader

Either unit can be teamed with a Powered Flexible Roller Conveyor or Telescopic Belt Conveyor. Optional power supply drop kits can also be supplied. Leasing is available on these machines – ask us for more information. See the device in use below, where it is being used to safely unload shipments of tyres from shipping containers. 

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Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Destuffit ergonomic container unloader


Restuffit ergonomic container loader and unloader


Powered Expanding Flexible Conveyor 600mm wide
Contracted/Extended 3330/8050mm


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