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Drum Lifter Rotator Forklift Mounted Hydraulic

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This Hydraulic Drum Rotator effortlessly lifts and rotates 205-litre drums. As a reliable drum handling solution, it easily facilitates reliable and safe emptying or disposal of contents. For use with an existing forklift, the forklift hydraulics aid the drum rotation and the action is controlled by the third function lever.

Model DDCR features a heavy-lift capacity and can handle drums weighing up to 1000 kg. The Chain Belly Strap and eccentric lock hold the drum firmly and securely into position. This ensures the drum is supported during movement. If handling plastic drums, this device can be supplied as a Plastic Barrel Option (Model DDCR-PBO). 

The Hydraulic Drum Rotator is commonly used in food processing, recycling, waste management, mining and warehouse industries and makes for a great hydraulic attachment.


Additional Information

Fast and efficient drum rotation and handling!

The Hydraulic Drum Rotator easily rotates drums up to 130-degrees, which allows for contents to be emptied from the container. Additionally, this device ensures the safe transport and relocation of drums around a worksite. The heavy-duty lift suits up to 1000 kg. As a slip-on attachment and with quick connect hydraulic couplings, the Rotator can swiftly connect to a forklift, ready for use.


  • Provides safe and reliable hydraulic rotation of drums.
  • For use with an existing forklift; controlled by the 3rd function lever.
  • Ensures safe movement, transport and emptying of drums around a worksite.
  • Heavy lift capacity suits 205-litre drums weighing up to 1000 kg.
  • Provided with a belly strap and eccentric lock to secure drum into position.
  • Slip-on attachment and quick-connect hydraulic couplings, allow the device to quickly connect to a forklift.
  • Commonly used in food processing, recycling, waste management, warehouse and mining industries.
  • Finished in enamel paint.

Product Specifications: 

  • Safe Working Load (SWL) – 1000 kg
  • Unit Weight – 135 kg
  • Rotation – 130°
  • Load Centre – 1050 mm
  • Pocket Size – 185 x 65 mm
  • Pocket Centres – 874 mm
  • Horizontal Centre of Gravity – 600 mm

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Product Variations

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Forklift Hydraulic Drum Rotator


Forklift Hydraulic Drum Rotator- Plastic Barrel Option


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