Bread Crate Stackers

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Introducing our Bread Crate Stackers – an incredibly designed solution that’s ideal for handling and moving plastic crates. These units are suitable for food and service industries and have already been employed in bakeries and processing plants across Australia.

Available in two models (Electric Wizard MCRATEW and Manual Genie MCRATEG), each unit is able to move crates to desired locations with ease. In particular, the MCRATEW features features a unique battery-hydraulic system that powers the unit to lift automatically. Gone are strenuous manual handling activities, as Bread Crate Stackers replace physical labour with seamless and effortless handling of crates.

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Exceptionally reliable!

The Bread Crate Stackers clear the ground with a single action. These units are perfect for reducing manual handling hazards, where an employer strains their back lifting heavy loads. These stackers do the job for you. They’re exceptionally easy to use, anyone can operate as minimal training is required and they’re maintenance free!

Both stackers are extremely robust in construction. They’ve been designed to withstand years of rough handling and operation. Despite being incredibly durable, they’re also very lightweight, safe and easy to move as well. The MCRATEW features a powerful electric hydraulic system and simple handle-mounted controls to automatically clamp or release crates with its arms. Store, stack, de-stack, move or load trucks fast with either Bread Crate Stacker!

Bread Crate Stacker Genie – MCRATEG

  • Unique bread crate pallet jack
  • Lifts stacks weighing up to 200 kg
  • Environmentally friendly – no electricity required.
  • Comes as a standard design
  • Versatile and can me used in most cases without modifications
  • Small footprint, only 100 mm wider than standard crates
  • Steerable rear castor wheels
  • Galvanised and powder-coated for long-term resistance
  • Manual operation
  • Height – 1033 mm
  • Length – 965 mm
  • Travelling height – 100 mm
Bread Crate Stacker MCRATEG
Bread Crate Stacker Wizard – MCRATEW

  • Unique hydraulic bread crate stacker
  • Lifts crates up to 200 kg
  • Digital height display
  • Computerised control system can program arms to move automatically
  • Digital weight display
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Non-standard widths and lift heights
  • Height – 2260 mm
  • Length – 1250 mm (excluding handle)
  • Travelling height – 1600 mm
Bread Crate Stacker Dimensions

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Bread crate stacker Genie manual


Bread crate stacker wizard battery operated


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