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Stair Climbing Trolley Buddy Lift

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Our Buddy and Buddy Lift stair climber trolleys are ideal for transporting loads up to 200 kg. The Buddy is the ideal stair-climbing trolley for last-mile deliveries. It is compact and fast as it allows the operator quickly change between using the powered crawler tracks or simply pushing the trolley on the rolling wheels. The angle of the crawler tracks is adjustable from the control console.

The Buddy Lift is a stair-climbing trolley fitted with a toe plate that can be raised or lowered using the onboard lifting mechanism. This makes it possible to reduce the footprint of the trolley and navigate tight landings and turning spaces. The centre of gravity can also be adjusted depending on the shape of the load carried. This allows the operator to adjust the tipping point of the trolley and reduce the strain during operation.

Additional Information

The Buddy and Buddy Lift stair-climbing trolleys can be used in 2 different modes to climb stairs:
Resting on multiple steps. This is the most convenient and safest travel condition for the operator, as the weight is placed on the step and the load management is very easy. Physical interaction is very low, therefore this is the preferred mode.
Step by step. This condition requires the operator’s ability to manage the centre of gravity of the load, as going up or down the stairs is carried out by a pair of teeth on the crawler tracks that grip the step. It can be done with light loads easily manageable by operators familiar with the product and allows travelling over kite winder landings.

It has never been easier to get onto the landing:
An electric piston controls the crawler tracks inclination and the operator can choose when to manage the stair climbing trolley with crawler tracks or with wheels. Thanks to this solution, by simply pressing a button you can move the crawler tracks in relation to the wheels, safely and efficiently.

Thanks to the electric piston that controls the crawler tracks, there is no interference between tracks and wheels, therefore entering the landing is extremely easy and stable.

Once on the landing, simply press a button to retract the crawler tracks and use the side wheels, thereby conveniently getting to the next flight of stairs. Because of how the new  Buddy and Buddy Lift Plasmoid are designed, the operator does not feel any imbalance during the crawler track/wheel transition.

The built-in lifting base has three main functions:
It improves the ease of transit on stairs as it allows modulating the centre of gravity of low loads
This makes it possible to turn on tighter landings than a stair-climbing trolley with a fixed base on the ground
This makes it possible also to lift the load onto a van and to self-load the machine into the vehicle.

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Product Variations

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Buddy 150 stair climber


Buddy Lift 150 stair climber


Buddy 200 stair climber


Buddy Lift 200 stair climber


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