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Pallet Collator- Squarer

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The Pallet Collator or Straightener is used for squaring up stacks of standard square pallets. They save time and money by helping to straighten the stack and align pallets both front to back and side to side. There is no electrical or hydraulic power required. The stacks of pallets are simply driven between two wedged walls and the stack quickly self-aligns.
Very basic operation and within a few seconds, the pallet stacks are perfectly aligned and ready to be accessed for easy storage or loading for transport. Suits both Chep or Loscam wooden pallets and can be also used for plastic pallets.

Also see our large range of pallet handling equipment including spring-loaded Palift, pallet inverters and pallet dispensers. 



Product Variations

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Straightener for up to 14 pallets


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