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Loading Dock Lights Safety Signal

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Take full control of your dock, make it safer and more efficient. Safety Signal is a complete visual communication system with a microprocessor control system that makes dock safety affordable. Safety Signal is more than a red/green light package! Our driver-targeted high intensity LED lights deliver the clearest message to both drivers and forklift operators. In order to ensure dock safety, it is necessary to communicate to the driver. The safety Signal is tied to the loading dock door or dock leveller with an electronic sensor. Each time they are operated, an ultra bright LED flashing light comes on, sending a signal to the driver that it is not safe to move. When the dock leveller/door is closed, Safety Signal switches to a green LED signal.

Additional Information

Setting the Right Focus
Safety Signal‘s outside flashing red light is a very narrow, high intensity, special focused, long life LED beam mounted in the driver’s line of sight and focused at the driver’s mirror.

Shedding More Light
Safety Signal‘s inside control panel has red and green lights visible a full 180º. With its photo eye and two 240 volt outlets on the control panel it can automatically control your Dock Light and Dock Fan. It turns them on when the leveller/door is open and off when they are closed. When it comes to safety at the dock put yourself in the driver’s seat and send the clear signal – Safety Signal.

Safety Signal‘s high-intensity light cannot be ignored. The narrow beam it creates reduces communication error to other truck drivers. They clearly know which signal is theirs. Includes: One mirror image sign “MOVE ON GREEN ONLY”.

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