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Freight Mate – Compact Goods Hoist

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Our Freight Mate Compact Goods Hoist features a modular Australian design that lifts goods to mezzanines, docks and other levels. Popular in warehouses, distribution centres and factories, its a heavy duty floor-to-floor hoist that has multi-level applications.

With a number of advantages, these hoists are extremely user friendly, ergonomically sound and can save you loads when transporting goods around a workplace. The Freight Mate Compact Goods Hoist is ideal for face mounting to a dock or against an upper floor, for freestanding mezzanine installation.



Additional Information

Minimal impact to your building upon installation!

One of the best solutions for movement of goods between floor levels, the Freight Mate Compact Goods Hoist has minimal impact on building structure. There is no need for an expensive pit, drilling, welding or engineering required. The unit features a freestanding frame and fixed upper level swing gate.

Suitable for a number of applications!

The hoist is built with a platform area that makes it suitable for pallets, trolleys or even several wheelie bins. With a lowered height of 35mm, there is no need to mount the hoist in a pit. Therefore, goods can be easily loaded or transferred at ground level.

Freight Mate Compact Goods Hoists are completely versatile and can be adapted for a wide range of applications. Some previous solutions saw the unit installed in retail and warehousing areas and apartment complexes. Consider the cost savings as there is no need to dig a hole on site! There are a number of options available if your organisation has an existing concrete slab. With a modular design, find out how this hoist can accommodate your workplace.

The benefits are endless!

The Freight Mate Compact Goods Hoist is simple to use as it features safe, intuitive controls and little operator training is required. They can lift 1500kg capacity up to 4000mm and there is a 4800mm lift unit with a 1000kg capacity. But that’s not all!

  • Comes complete with a freestanding structure – no impact to existing site or building structure
  • Features a modular, pit-less design – no cutting, digging or laying of concrete required
  • Engineered with an extremely low roll-on height that ensures pallet truck loading is safe and easy
  • Installation is quick, simple and normally completed in a single day

Technical Information

  • Capacity: 1500kg (units up to 4000 mm) and 1000 kg for the 4800 mm unit
  • Platform Size: 1600 x 1420mm [length x width]
  • Lowered height: 35 mm
  • Speed: 3.5 m/min

All hoists have two control panels with constant-pressure push-buttons for raise/lower. One control panel mounted at each level. There is an integrated electric/hydraulic power unit: 2.2kw, 415v/3ph/50Hz.

Other solutions available

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Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Compact Goods Hoist 800mm


Compact Goods Hoist 1600mm


Compact Goods Hoist 2400mm


Compact Goods Hoist 3200mm


Compact Goods Hoist 4000mm


Compact Goods Hoist 4800mm


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