Gas Cylinder Storage Cages

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Our Gas Cylinder Storage Cages provides a heavy-duty storage solution that keeps gas bottles and high-risk items contained. Available in two models – MSGB129 or MSGB249 – each cage successfully secures 9 kg or 18 kg gas bottles or can be customised to suit taller cylinders as well.

Ensure your items are stored upright, securely and are protected from outside elements and potential hazards. As mentioned and if required, the cage can be flexibly adapted to store taller gas cylinders, as its centre shelf and vertical supports can be completely removed.

Our Gas Cylinder Storage Cages have been designed for adequate ventilation, easy access and excellent security as they are lockable. They can serve other uses as well, like storing firewood or other materials that need extra protection.

Additional Information

Securely store gas cylinders or bottles!

By removing the vertical support and shelf system, the cage can fit up to 12 forklift gas cylinders. This makes them ideal for service stations and other warehouse applications, where easy access and great security are a necessity. The cage is also lockable to ensure that only restricted personnel can remove contents when required.


  • A lock guard with a tamper-proof design that prevents the padlock being removed by bolt cutters.
  • Anti-tamper gate hinges for additional security.
  • Robust construction with bump rails protecting its high visibility mesh sides.
  • When loaded stacks 2 high; when empty stacks 3 high.
  • Mid shelf that can be removed to fit bigger forklift gas bottles.
  • Shelves constructed from sheet metal to let cylinders easily slide to the back of the cage (without extensive force).
  • Construction and sheet metal material provides weather protection.
  • A forklift provision to fit underneath the cage for transportation around the worksite.
  • Zinc plated finish for long life and corrosion protection.

Our Gas Cylinder Storage Cages are supplied as either a flat-pack (for onsite assembly) or can come assembled/ready-made.



  • Storage Capacity (with mid-shelf) – 12 x 9 kg
  • Storage Capacity (with no mid-shelf) – 6 x 18 kg
  • Working Load Limit – 250 kg
  • Overall Dimensions – 1080 x 760 x 1285 mm
  • Unit Weight – 106 kg


  • Storage Capacity (with mid-shelf) – 24 x 9 kg
  • Storage Capacity (with no mid-shelf) – 12 x 18 kg
  • Working Load Limit – 500 kg
  • Overall Dimensions – 2040 x 760 x 1285 mm
  • Unit Weight – 200 kg

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Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Gas Cylinder Cage – 12 x 9 kg Capacity
or 6 x 18kg forklift gas bottles

MSGB129 $1,490.00

Gas Cylinder Cage – 24 x 9 kg Capacity
or 12 x 18kg forklift gas bottles

MSGB249 $2,340.00

Dangerous Goods Labels – Flammable Gas 2
Metal H270mm x W270mm


Danger Sign – No Smoking No Ignition Sources
Metal H225mm x W300mm


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