Zallys Battery Electric Vehicles

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These 3 Wheeled Battery Electric Personnel Carriers are available in 3 versions – a sit on with a small “ute” tray (code MJACK), a stand-on unit (code DDM) and a powered load carrier (code HT).

Zallys MJACK has an 880 x 1250 x 240 mm (W x L x H) tray deck with a carrying capacity of 150kg and a towing capacity of 1000 kg. The low footboard and the high seat makes stepping on and off particularly comfortable and quick whilst performing continuous order picking duties. The operator and the multi-purpose platform in the back of the vehicle can be easily accessed from the driving seat. The tray deck may be removed for custom fitting of other size trays or the fitting of other equipment.

Max Speed: 10 kmh
Range: Approx 8 hours

Zallys DDM is a 3 wheels stand-on electric personnel carrier that is ideal for transporting personnel and small bulky goods, for maintenance and inspection activities inside hospitals, warehouses, airports, markets or shopping centres. Carrying capacity is one person plus 50 kg and at the same time can tow, up to 500 kg, on flat ground. Low maintenance, silent running, easy to use it comes with a standard display showing battery level, an acoustic signal indicating when batteries need to be recharged, on/off key and a forward/reverse button. Its compact dimensions make it ideal to be used inside industrial elevators.

Max Speed: 14 kmh
Range: Approx 8 hours

Zallys HT is our 3 wheel motorised trolley that can be equipped with various type of load cages and platforms, easy to be installed and interchanged. Ecofriendly and silent, it guarantees transfer speed in all types of stocking and warehousing works. This electric trolley is easy to handle, while carrying up to 500 kg is the best solution even in narrow spaces. The swivel tiller head is made with a safety sensor which allows to work only in the presence of assigned personnel. The motor is equipped with an electromagnetic brake that blocks off the HT preventing accidental slipping. HT can work in any kind of internal/external or on uneven ground situation. 



Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Stand on tug/personnel carrier


Ride on tug/personnel carrier
with tray deck


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