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Wheelie Bin Tippers EcoLift

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Increase safety with the EcoLift Wheelie Bin Tipper. The unit completely eliminates manual lifting of wheelie bins into skip bins and is incredibly simple to use. Great for handling loads up to 50kg and emptying waste with ease. The bin tipper also features a unique safety panel to eliminate operators from the area during emptying action.

The EcoLift Wheelie Bin Tipper is perfect for protecting employees against strains caused by lifting heavy loads above shoulder height. Its ideal for organisations who, despite having infrequent emptying of bins, are seeking to maximise their efficiency and improve their processes.

Additional Information

How does it work?

Designed with a lift-and-tilt crank system, the EcoLift Wheelie Bin Tipper springs into action when its handle is manually rotated. The unit is suited for a task frequency of six lifts per person, per day. Its typically employed in offices, schools, restaurants, local councils, small offices, small industries, and factories or remote locations.

It is ideal for anybody lifting light wheelie bins infrequently because of its easy-to-use mechanism. The EcoLift features a safety cage with panels to protect operators and bystanders when the machine is in use. This increases employee safety and segregates the action from surrounding environments. The safety panel also eliminates any hand crush points – the safety features are endless!

Technical Data and Specifications

  • Lifts up to 50kg
  • Suits 1500mm skip bins
  • Compatible with 80, 120, 140 and 240 litre drums
  • Suitable for six lifts per day
  • Features safety panels to protect operators and bystanders
  • Fits through internal doorways
  • Crank handle operation for controlled lifting
  • Top point height – 2800mm
  • Australian made
  • 12-month warranty available

EcoLift Wheelie Bin Tipper

 Need something stronger?

Try our Simplicity Plus Bin Tipper for loads up to 150kg or alternatively the Universal Bin Tipper for loads up to 250kg.

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Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

EcoLift Wheelie Bin Tipper
1800mm Tipping Height
50kg capacity
Hand winch with safety brake
Cradle to accept 120 and 240L bins


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