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Lifting Trolleys Platform Lifters

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Our Powered Mobile Platform Lifters are small and handy and feature a considerable lifting capacity. With great ergonomic capabilities and a cost-effective design, they are widely adaptable to suit a range of applications. Some particular uses include within the electronics industry, pharmaceutical, catering, packing line, food processing, warehouses, offices, kitchens, laboratories, retail outlets, archives, healthcare and hospitals, and many other similar workplaces.

These lifters have four swivel castors, making them highly manoeuvrable – even in areas where space is restricted, for example, narrow aisles and tight corridors. The devices frames feature a smooth and durable power-coated finish that’s easy to maintain and clean. It also has a polyethylene platform and can be used in high-hygienic environments.

Additional Information

Great ergonomics and good economics with our Powered Mobile Platform Lifters.

Many small lifting operations are made easier and work procedures more efficient by using these lifters. The units have a built-in charger and hand pendant control for up/down lifting. They can be custom fitted with special handling tools, depending on the operation. With four castors, the unit easily moves as required. The two rear wheels are fitted with brakes for security when loading/unloading.

Also known as work positioners, they offer a range of abilities. Quick attachment changes allow the devices to easily lift rolls, drums, containers, boxes and other various items. Lifting options include standard platforms, vertical positions, reel rotators, single roll prong, double roll prong and v-blocks. Additionally, the device features an automatic electronic overload protection system, which ensures user safety. The platform’s polyethylene material is suited for applications where the hygienic standard is high.

Powered Mobile Platform Lifters Range of Attachments scaled 1


  • Able to lift up to Ideal for use in narrow aisles and confined spaces.
  • Perfect for many applications.
  • An automatic electronic overload protection system ensures safety.
  • Maintenance-free and sealed batteries, with automatic built-in charger.
  • Quick change attachments options are available.
  • The unit can be completely customised to requirements.
  • Built with a durable and slick design.
  • Four wheels for easy mobility and stability
  • Two rear wheels have brakes to secure the lifter when loading or unloading.
  • Hand pendant control for up/down lifting.
  • Steering wheel for comfort and ergonomics.
  • The platform is standard and measures at 470 x 600 mm.
Powered Mobile Platform Lifter Brisbane DEMO

Powered Mobile Platform Lifter demonstration in Brisbane, QLD.


Model Max. Capacity (kg) Load Centre (mm) Max. Platform Height (mm) Min. Platform Height (mm) Net Weight (kg)
MUVR002 100 230 1700 110 62
MUVR003 150 230 1500 110 65
MUVR004 200 230 1500 110 75
MUVR005 250 200 1800 110 90
MUVR006 300 200 1800 110 105

Please note: The minimum platform height is 110 mm as standard and only available at 80 mm as an optional configuration.

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Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Capacity: 100kg
Platform Size: 600 x 470mm
Height Range: 130 – 1700mm
Overall Height: 1980mm


Capacity: 150kg
Platform Size: 600 x 470mm
Height Range: 200 – 1500mm
Overall Height: 1780mm


Capacity: 200kg
Platform Size: 600 x 470mm
Height Range: 130– 1500mm


Capacity: 250kg
Platform Size: 600 x 470mm
Height Range: 130 – 1800mm


Capacity: 300kg
Platform Size: 600 x 470mm
Height Range: 130 – 1800mm


V Block attachment


Roll Prong attachment


Double Prong attachment


Reel Rotating attachment


Stainless Steel
Capacity: 100kg
Platform Size: 600 x 470mm
Height Range: 130 – 1700mm
Overall Height: 1980mm


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