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Powerlift GO Powered Lift Trolley

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The Powerlift GO is a universal lifter that effortlessly lifts and moves heavy loads. Featuring outstanding ergonomics, an agile design and quality components, this trolley is very simple to use. It supports loads up to 70 kg and is perfect for transporting goods from A to B quickly and efficiently.

Made in Europe, the Powerlift GO is perfect for industries where repetitive lifting may be an issue. It is commonly adopted in supermarkets, workshops, warehouse, offices, pharmacies, retail stores and even libraries. Wherever heavy objects lie, the Powerlift GO provides a safe and convenient lifting solution that combats manual handling risks.

This device is powered by a charging unit and can be efficiently recharged for ongoing use at a standard power outlet. Additionally, this electric lifter reaches an incredible lifting of up to 1.5 metres. Also note, this unit is lightweight and moves easily.


Additional Information

Powerlift GO is a smart solution for lifting!

Powerlift GO is a handy order picker that facilitates product stock organisation and accessibility. The device easily handles various materials, including goods, products, printing paper, files, and bigger items like crates and boxes. It powerfully lifts them onto shelves or removes the items as required.

This lifting trolley is exceptionally easy to use, thanks to its swivel wheels that allow the unit to turn and move within confined spaces. It is also equipped with parking brakes on the rear wheels to secure during loading and unloading tasks. In terms of the platform, it can be conveniently positioned to an ergonomic working height to minimise physical strain. Additionally, the soft-start motor function ensures a smooth and silent operation.

Powerlift GO Powered Lifting Trolley Features

Technical Specifications: 

  • An ergonomic and powered lifting trolley, suitable for a range of applications
  • Soft-start motor and toothed drive belt ensures smooth and silent lifting
  • The load is raised or lowered via a control lever directly on the handle
  • Load Capacity – 70 kg
  • Height Range – 120 – 1505 mm
  • Overall Height of Device – 1700 mm
  • Platform Size – 434 x 418 mm
  • Chassis – 450 x 379 mm
  • Lifting Speed – 125 mm / sec
  • Battery – 2 x 12V (sealed lead acid)
  • Mass of Device- 26 kg
  • Ideal for hospital and healthcare industries

Powerlift GO Powered Lifting Trolley Dimensions

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Powerlift GO Powered Trolley


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