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EZ Wheel Battery Electric Drive Pack

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The EZ Wheel is self-powered by the built-in battery and driven by wired or wireless communication. The self-propelled EZ Wheel can be fitted immediately on any vehicle chassis or mobile equipment.

The Series 160 integrate motor and batteries in an extremely compact format. The 160mm diameter wheel is designed with reduced height to fit any low chassis. The robust hub fairing protects all components from knocks and splashing. The peak torque of the electric motor develops a pushing force of 20 daN. It provides a reduced effort and a safe action of any rolling item equipped with the wheel. They are available with wire connections or with external batteries to allow junctions to other electrical peripherals. The motor can also be powered by an external battery, if already available on the material. See the Polymedic trolley pictures fitted with the Series 160 on this page.

The Series 300, 300mm diameter,  industrial kit allows provides an electric assistance to any type of industrial rolling item dedicated to handling and transportation. The multifunction tiller head ensures proper handling of equipment thanks to ergonomic shapes and well organised commands. The integrated wireless interface allows a simple and quick integration on rolling material. For a safe action, the command includes a stop button in case of dangerous manoeuvre. The interface remotely displays the battery level of the wheel and the system status.


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