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Pallet Truck – Silent

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The Silent Pallet Truck is an environmentally-friendly, manual pallet jack with a long operating life. Designed for silent movement, its specially crafted wheels help to handle heavy loads effortlessly both indoors and outdoors. During transport, the wheels glide over rough terrain and small stones or debris never block the wheel movement. This makes it a handy tool for lifting and moving pallets within any type of workplace. It’s also ideal for use in a warehouse, distribution centre, supermarket or the retail industry.

As a cost-effective solution with low maintenance costs, the Silent Pallet Truck offers silent and smooth handling. Featuring a load capacity of up to 2000 kg, it easily conquers heavy loads and suits many different pallets. The device has twin fork wheels making it easy to change directions during use. The ergonomic handle lets the operator maintain control with a relaxed hold. Additionally, this manual pallet truck is equipped with a permanent quick lift, which makes it ready to transport pallets within two pumps of the handle.

Additional Information

Efficient handling and silent operation!

For quick, silent and easy pallet handling, the Silent Pallet Truck is the device for you. With innovative wheels, the pallet jack gently navigates over the floor. It’s a favourite among customers for this reason, as well as its noiseless operation and many great safety advantages.

Move inside and outside easily

Thanks to the intelligent design of the Silent Pallet Truck, users can navigate all types of terrains. It’s built so that small stones, rocks or debris don’t stick to the wheels during transport. The low truck weight and tight turning angle allow for flexible movement, especially within confined spaces. It also has a compact, innovative build with a very short length behind the forks.

Silent operation

This item has been tested to operate below 60 dBA! That means it can be used in buildings with both shops and apartments as it features advantageous silent movement. The special soft rubber wheels assist with this (both steering and fork wheels). There is minimal friction of all movable parts, as well as close tolerances.

Long-lasting and durable

The Silent Pallet Truck has a long life! It’s been tested with up to 46,000 lifts, which means it’s incredibly durable and robust over time. It also requires little to no maintenance.

Ergonomic and quick handling

During usage, the ergonomic handle guarantees safe and comfortable control. The operator may adapt the pallet truck to their liking via the adjustable fork height. It also includes a quick lift that allows the device to be engaged quickly. The hoop skates on the forks ensure easy fork insertion and withdrawal in and out of pallets.

PS2082 Specifications: 

  • Capacity – 2000 kg
  • Overall Height – 1170 mm
  • Fork Length – 1140 mm
  • Adjustable Lowered Height – 85 to 93 mm
  • Fork Span – 680 mm
  • Fork Width – 160 mm
  • Unit Weight – 62 kg

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Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Silent pallet truck
Capacity: 2000kg
Width: 685mm


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