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Introducing our new and amazing Dock Eye Safety Lights. Manufactured from the latest technology, these lights produce twice the amount of brightness than other competing products. They’re ideal for manufacturing and distribution facilities including unloading/loading trucks and trailers at docks. Dock Eye illuminates the entire desired area.

This is just what the Dock-Door ordered!

Additional Information

These lights have a distinctive stainless steal, flexible tube that is practically indestructible. Its multi-position structure prevents it from breaking if impacted by a forklift or door. This means they are able to survive collisions and can be adjusted to any position. Increase your safety today by installing this amazing lighting system in your workplace. Dock Eye’s M421 Halogen construction features a coated bulb that retains any broken glass from if fractured (ideal for food manufacturing & distribution facilities).

It’s a known fact that good lighting will reduce product and equipment damage. Even better, possible risks and injuries will be eliminated as no one will have to squint in the dark. Dock Eye is equipped with a cooling fan, so bulbs have an extended life. On average, a 117 Watt halogen bulb will last 4000 hours. Old incandescent bulbs struggle power for 300 hours. The difference is unbeatable!

We have recently released the new M450 LED Dock Eye! It’s an innovative energy efficient solution as it consumes less than 60% of total energy. The M450 LED Dock Eye’s have an average bulb life of 85000 hours, making it the perfect answer to green-thinking companies. These are a cost-effective, low maintenance and environment conscious alternative.

Please Note: Due to Trade Mark licensing, the Dock Eye is branded Versa Light in all other countries except Australia. 

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Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Dock Eye with coated halogen bulb [shatterproof]


Dock Eye with LED


Dock Eye replacement halogen bulb shatterproof


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