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Bump Rail is a dual-purpose railing that may be utilised as an asset protection barrier. Installed flat on walls or on the ground, the rail absorbs impacts completely, offering maximum resistance and protection. With a reinforced face, the guard is extremely useful across workplaces and provides the best protection in any area with frequent traffic.

When installed flat, the Bump Rail acts as a wall bumper to protect forklifts, walls and products from collisions. If used curved side up, it acts as a vehicle or machinery wheel stop. This versatility allows the rail to be used in multiple ways. This guarding solution reduces costs that result from damage or repairs.

Made from high-strength aluminium, Bump Rail weighs less than half of an equivalent steel profile (per linear metre). It’s easy to maintain, extremely strong, and features a thick latticed construction.

Additional Information

A versatile rail that acts as a protective barrier. 

The Bump Rail is extremely adaptable and strong. You choose how you want to use it in your workplace  – either as a wall-buffer or a wheel-stop. The guarding is supplied as a standard 2400 mm length, it’s able to protect and absorb impact from most trucks. Each rail is finished in a highly-visible safety yellow.

Use as a wheel-stop

When positioned with the curved side facing up, the Bump Rail can be transformed into a truck and equipment wheel stop. The rounded top and curved face provide a contact point for vehicle wheels. Its 2400 mm height suits most vehicles and the rail absorbs the full force to prevent impacts.

Use as a wall buffer

When mounted flat, the Bump Rail provides space-saving protection against impacts at higher levels. In this instance, the flat face provides the best protection against errant forklifts, absorbing any impact throughout the full reinforced face.

Access reliable assets protection with our Bump Rails


  • Standard 2400 mm length suits most trucks and weighs only 34 kg.
  • Extremely strong design with 8 mm thick latticed construction.
  • Extendable to any length using 42 mm diameter slip joiners.
  • Finished in powder-coated safety yellow paint, which is highly visible in any workplace.
  • End fixing points strategically positioned for greater hold-down.
  • Supplied pre-drilled.


  • Construction – 8 mm thick aluminium extrusion
  • Installation – Pre-drilled fixing holes
  • Dimensions – 165 x 165 x 8 mm
  • Length – 2.4 metres long
  • Total weight – 34 kg per 2.4-metre length
  • Finish – Safety yellow powder coat

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Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Heavy Bump Rail 2400 x 165 x 8mm Aluminium – Yellow

BR165A-Y $974.00

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