Powered Tow Tugs Lithium

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Move heavy loads safely and confidently with our innovative Tow Tractors. These machines can easily help you transport goods with their high-performance, battery-operated design. Available in either sit-down or stand-on configuration, this materials handling solution makes for a perfect heavy-duty, versatile vehicle.

Powered Tow Tractors are used to transport pallets of goods or materials in warehouse environments, stockrooms and distribution centres. Their construction allows them to tow other vehicles or equipment behind the tug. These devices are comfortable and simple to use and enable workplace operators to streamline their materials handling processes.

A tow tractor lightens the load and makes moving heavy loads easier. If you’re limited on materials handling equipment and need to increase productivity and efficiency in your workplace then this is the machine for you!

Additional Information

Lighten the load with our Tow Tractors

For all of your warehouse transportation jobs, a tow tractor may give provide additional help. It could also turn out to be a cost-effective solution for your company over time. Browse our variety of models below and select the option most suited to your application.

Stand On Tow Tractors

Our Stand On Tow Tractors are lithium battery-operated transporters that are designed to safely transport goods. They suit in-line feed applications and offer reliable operation with flexible steering. Available in two models – QDD10T (1000 kg) and QDD15T (1500 kg) – they feature a turning radius of 1270 mm and can handle gradients of 6& (while unladen). The safety auto power-off function works when the driver uses the truck. Shock-proof, non-slip flooring ensures the safety of the operator, while reversible cushions at the rear reduce fatigue and improve ergonomics. Warning lights are also fitted to the tractor for safety. Additionally, 24V lithium batteries are situated in a sideway battery compartment and can be easily accessed or replaced if required. A battery charger is supplied as standard.

Specifications QDD10T and QDD15T: 

  • Type – Stand-On
  • Drive Unit – Electric
  • Rated Capacity – 1.0 tonne (QDD10T) and 1.5 tonnes (QDD15T)
  • Service Weight – 125 kg (QDD10T) and 150 kg(QDD15T)
  • Standing Height – 120 mm (both models)
  • Overall Length and Width – 1280.5 x 620 mm (both models)
  • Turning Radius – 1270 mm (both models)
Tow Tractor Battery Operated

Stand On Tow Tractor


Sit On Tow Tractor

The Sit On Tow Tractor (QDD60TSC) can tow up to 6 tonnes and can be equipped with different towing equipment to suit your requirements. It’s powered by lithium batteries and has a simple and ergonomic design that will support your workers, reduce injuries and improve productivity. This device is a powerful option for towing trolleys around your warehouse, production facility, or logistics centre. It can move around narrow aisles in warehouses as it’s extremely compact. It has 870 mm solid rubber tires and is ready for a variety of operations. It does not matter if you are using the tow tractor on flat ground in the warehouse, on uneven floors or outdoors, it will safely bring trolleys to their destination. The seated position will also add comfort and end strain and pain for your workers now.

Specifications QDD60TSC:

  • Type – Sit-On
  • Drive Unit – Electric
  • Rated Capacity – 6 tonnes
  • Service Weight – 1150 kg
  • Height of Overhead Guard (cabin) – 1320 mm
  • Overall Length and Width – 1955 x 1010/990 mm
  • Turning Radius – 1850 mm
Powered Tow Tractor QDD60TSC 2

Sit Down Tow Tractor

Require an alternative towing solution?

Browse our great range of Powered Tugs and Movers.

Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Electric stand-on tow tractor 1000kg


Electric stand-on tow tractor 1500kg


Electric sit-on tow tractor 6000kg


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