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Stair Climbing Robot Domino

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Climbing stairs has never been so easy with our great robotic solution that will change the way you operate!

The incredible Domino Stair Climbing Robot allows you to safely move heavy loads up and down staircases. No matter the size, weight or shape of the item, the stair climbing robot will do the heavy lifting for you. Able to travel over any surface, this stair climber can be used outdoors, indoors and on uneven surfaces – grass, dirt, gravel, no problem!

The Domino is the most intuitive and safe solution for moving up and down stairs. Save stress, time and workplace injuries. No pushing, pulling or strenuous lifting required with this stair climber. The advanced design of non-marking crawler tracks allows the operator to keep cargo balanced evenly at all times when moving heavy loads.


Additional Information

How does the Domino Stair Climbing Robot work?

The robot features an amazing automatic levelling mode to allow an operator to drive the unit via joystick with minimal effort.

When engaged, the Domino Stair Climbing Robot automatically adjusts the tilted load angle, making transport of goods easier, quicker but most importantly safe. The operator can choose to switch to manual mode at any time if required.

Innovative crawler tracks and operation

This stair climbing robot has independent crawler tracks for comfortable manoeuvring around narrow spaces. With a joystick, the unit can be controlled by the operator and with the dual electric motors this means the machine has enough get-up-and-go power to climb any staircase!

Thanks to the automatically evenly distributed weight across staircases and flat surfaces, the operator is no longer required to keep the trolley balanced – the smart function does that for you. The load always remains safe, with no risk of slipping.

A stair climbing robot that takes things to the next level

There is nothing in the world more user-friendly than the Domino Stair Climbing Robot! This intuitively designed stair climbing robot is safe to use and any employee can easily learn how to operate the device. Not only will this device help save you time, effort and stress, it will prevent workplace injuries:

  • No more pushing.
  • No more pulling.
  • No more strenuous lifting.
  • No more accidents. 

Practical and versatile
The Domino Stair Climbing Robot can travel over any surface and can be used outdoors, indoors or over uneven terrain. Use it on stairwells, sloped planes, and other types of flooring, such as grass, gravel, dirt, etc. The scratch, mark and trace-proof tracks will keep your stairs and floor spotless, sparkling and damage-free.

Automatic weight distribution
The Domino sure takes the weight off! With automatic weight distribution when climbing up or down stairs, you won’t need to balance the load yourself or help manually in carrying the items at all.

360 degree rotation
Thanks to a sophisticated double motor, the Domino can rotate completely within very narrow spaces. This means no matter how many landings your staircase has or how your stairs are structured, you can get your equipment where it needs to go.

The crawler tracks are anti-slip, non-scratching and rotate 360 degrees. The device is also made of a highly resistant unique composition, which allows you to easily and safely navigate any type and form of the stairwell.

Optional modes
The automatic mode function adjusts the machine automatically to ensure that the load is tilted at an angle for safe operation on the stairs. Additionally, the tilt is modifiable at any time. It’s the easier and safer way to carry heavy loads up flights of stairs.
A manual mode is available for use at any time with wheel handling enabled simply through the tilting of the load.

Benefits of the stair climbing robot

No space is too small
Navigating narrow spaces is easy with the heavy duty tracks and 360 degree rotation.

Effortless operation
With this handy stair climbing robot only a single person is needed to complete the task.

Automatic balance
The battery-electric actuator keeps the load balanced at all times.

Anti-slip technology
Crawler tracks ensure no slips or marking when operating.

No missteps
All surfaces can be conquered – even irregular steps.

Simple joystick control
Only minimal effort is required for operation thanks to the intuitive and ergonomically designed one-finger control joystick.

Moves across flat surfaces
Loads can be moved on flat surfaces as well as stairs so there’s no need to move heavy items from one machine to another.

Accessories available
There is a range of optional accessories available to help complete a variety of tasks.

No stress
Let the stair climbing robot relieve your stress by completing the work for you.


Advantages of Domino Stair Climbing Robot
Select from a wide range of accessories

A variety of accessories are available to assist with this unique and robust lifting machine. Some options include:

Adjustable width base
Stretchable up to 70cm, this adjustable base is perfect for bulky loads like photocopiers. Additional accessories include a sturdy and retractable ramp. The maximum weight capability is 400kg.

Wheeled bases
The wheeled base makes traversing long, flat areas easier than ever. The wheels are all load supported and can be used in combination with ramps and stairs.

Aluminium ramp
This easy to move aluminium ramp is an easy solution for loading or unloading items from trucks or vans.

Central arm
The central arm accessory allows for tilting high loads and can be used in conjunction with vans or other vehicles.

Check out our handy video below to see the accessories in action.

Are you ready to get started with Domino?

The Domino Stair Climbing Robot is innovative, easy to use and simple to operate. It’s a perfect solution to transport or move heavy items. It’s really simple to use and implement in any workplace.

Use our handy instructional training video below to understand how our Domino Automatic works.

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Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Domino 160 stair climbing robot
160kg capacity with automatic level function


Domino 300 stair climbing robot
300kg capacity with automatic level function


Domino 400 stair climbing robot
400kg capacity with automatic level function


Domino 160 stair climbing robot
160kg capacity with automatic level and stabilisation function


Domino 300 stair climbing robot
300kg capacity with automatic level and stabilisation function


Domino 400 stair climbing robot
400kg capacity with automatic level and stabilisation function


Adjustable base for photocopiers with wheels


Wheeled base for flat outdoor surfaces


Adjustable base for bulky loads


Central arm for van


Adjustable base for photocopiers


Base for narrow landings


Tilted base for photocopiers


Aluminium ramp for loading and unloading from the vehicle


Extra battery pack for Domino


Vehicular battery charger for Domino


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