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Stair Climber Trolley CargoMaster ComfortStep

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The CargoMaster ComfortStep Stair Climber is the next generation of battery powered stair climbing trolleys. Easily move sensitive and bulky loads up and down stairs.

CargoMaster ComfortStep is not only powerful, but it’s safe and requires minimal physical effort during operation. Featuring a unique climbing system, with optional ComfortStep mode for fragile loads, our CargoMaster conquers all staircases and any surface. It works quietly, efficiently and extremely effectively. Users maintain complete control, with an illuminated LED display that indicates battery level.

  • Safely climb stairs with loads up to 200 kg
  • Allows for easy and gentle climbing and descending stairs
  • Integrated battery gauge
  • Variable climbing speed
  • Variable height handles and folding toe plate
  • Compact and easy to transport

Additional Information

What makes CargoMaster ComfortStep Stair Climbers so unique?

These stair climbers comfortably move products up and down stairs and ensures they safely reach ground or a desired level. All trolleys are built to endure heavy loads and can easily move bulky goods like white goods, appliances or machinery. They are incredibly versatile as they can be used as a stair climber or push cartMade in Germany, these stair climbers are innovative and extremely reliable. 

CargoMaster ComfortStep features low-vibration climbing, meaning it is quiet and manageable. The illuminated display allows a user to be in complete control of the system at all times. Used inside or outside, it is a strong lifting aid that is compact and easy to handle.

There are a number of accessories that can be equipped to assist in any given challenge – CargoMaster can be optimised for the specific type of transport. Standard supply includes the ComfortStep feature and speed control. The safety braking system is advanced enough to stop at the edge of a step for 100% reliability when transporting heavy loads.

CargoMaster ComfortStep BCC160

Our ComfortStep CargoMaster is extremely easy to use!

With a number of intelligent accessories available, the CargoMaster ComfortStep is perfect for navigating narrow staircases and conquering any type of surface. The lean and sturdy design makes it a perfect partner for manufacturing, trade and business applications.

BCC200 Specifications: 

  • Capacity – 200 kg
  • Climbing Speed / steps per minute – 4-19
  • Range with one charge of battery (floors) – 15-30
  • Height – 1065-1490 mm adjustable
  • Width – 466 mm
  • Depth – 290 mm
  • Batteries – 2 x 12 V / 5 Ah
  • DC Motor –  24 V
  • Weight, battery pack – 4.1 kg
  • Total weight (including battery pack) – 29.9 kg

BCC160 Specifications: 

  • Capacity – 160 kg
  • Climbing Speed / steps per minute – 9-26
  • Range with one charge of battery (floors) – 15-30
  • Height – 1065-1490 mm adjustable
  • Width – 466 mm
  • Depth – 290 mm
  • Batteries – 2 x 12 V / 5 Ah
  • DC Motor –  24 V
  • Weight, battery pack – 4.1 kg
  • Total weight (including battery pack) – 28.5 kg

The ComfortStep is a new way of transporting!

Inside or outside – CargoMaster ComfortStep is a strong and reliable partner!  It can be used in any type of environment and is extremely versatile. The powerful electric drive is powered by a removable battery pack and the climbing mechanism ensures use on any surface or staircase. The speed can be infinitely adjusted to ensure comfortable operation.

Featuring safety brakes and very low unladen weight, this unit is compact and easy to transport. It improves workplace safety as it eliminates manual handling risks or strains when moving up and down stairs. This ensures a user is comfortable moving loads with ease and productivity increases as a result. The CargoMaster stair climber robust tyres are puncture-proof and the driving comfort is extraordinary. Use this product to solve any transportation problem!

CargoMaster ComfortStep BCC160

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Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

CargoMaster stair climber 160kg capacity
Handles adjust in angle and fold away


CargoMaster stair climber 200kg capacity
Handles adjust in angle and fold away


Battery charger (240V outlet)


Battery for Cargomaster stairclimber


Toe plate 600x120x8mm


Toe plate 430x405x6mm to hook-on


Lashing strap with cam buckle


Battery charger for the vehicle


Pneumatic wheel option


Back wall with felt


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