CartMover Battery Powered Tug

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Our CartMover powered towing device is a heavy-duty, battery-powered machine capable of moving extremely heavy loads. With a lightweight and compact design, this device is ergonomically friendly and can easily be controlled by an operator. The CartMover features a huge towing capacity of up to 9000 kg and consequently out-performs many other tugs on the market.

This incredible user-friendly solution minimises a worker’s exposure to risk, especially physical strain or injury. Moving goods from the factory floor to commercial facilities, it’s battery-powered and suits just about anything on casters or wheels. For workplaces, the CartMover helps increase productivity and ensure safety whenever a heavy item is being moved.

Move heavy loads quickly, efficiently and safely. The CartMover is a heavy-duty tool that’s light enough to be manoeuvred by anyone.


Additional Information

Move heavy loads easily and safely with the CartMover!

The CartMover is a rechargeable battery-powered tool for moving wheeled carts. It features powered forward and reverses functionality, utilising the twist-grip throttle. Additionally, the control console includes a horn, variable speed range and up/down for the front gripping plate.

How does it do it?

A unique function of the CartMover is the lifting mechanism that engages the trolley frame to create traction over the drive wheel. This genius design actually uses the weight of the trolley to its own advantage. When the lift is engaged, the trolley load is applied over the drive wheel and creates ballast. Traditional tuggers are normally bulky and very heavy to create their own ballast and traction on the drive wheels. With the CartMover you are working in a very different way – an intelligent way.

CartMover SD Features: 

  • 24 V Rechargeable Battery
  • Compact size and usability
  • Variable speed throttle control
  • Programmable speed controller
  • Emergency reversing switch
  • Rugged steel frame construction
  • Superior OEM Support
  • Ability to move extremely heavy loads

The CartMover is designed for versatility and can be equipped with a variety of hitches to connect with trolleys, bins, vehicles or any load on wheels. It is very simple to fit claws and hitches as they can be removed without tools in seconds and exchanged for different trolley connection types.

CartMover XR hitch assortmentRecharging the battery is a breeze since the CartMover is supplied with a unique, super-fast charger. The intelligent battery charger can recharge a battery in 30 minutes. It features a detailed LED display monitoring the battery condition and a fan to cool the battery while charging. For this reason, additional CartMover units can be purchased with or without the need for more battery chargers and without the need for a series of spare batteries. The battery is removed from the CartMover in seconds and without the need for tools. All CartMover batteries are maintenance-free, with sealed lead-acid cells.

Need to handle other extremely heavy loads? 

Check out the cousins to the CartMover – TruckMover and RollMover. These solutions are perfect for handling rolls or reels.

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Product Variations

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CartMover v7.3


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