RollMover Roll & Reel Handling

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If you are handling large heavy rolls of paper, tissue, fibreglass, rubber membranes, cable reels or any other roll-able goods our RollMover is the ideal solution for a safe and productive result. It has all the features of its grunt cousins the TruckMover and CartMover.

There are four (4) different battery powered RollMovers powered by a NiCd battery pack and each has different performance characteristics. A typical set up is a RollMover, Charger and two (2) battery packs to keep your unit in service at all times.

Battery life is dependent on roll weights, distance pushed and frequency of use. In most applications, we see about 400 metres of movement per charge. For simple math, if your typical move is 6 metres, and you do that ten times an hour, you will see roughly 6.5 hours of charge time. It takes 60-90 minutes to recharge a depleted pack.

The RollMover helps operators work more safely and be more productive. They will use it because it works and is easy to manoeuvre; they won’t be tempted to push a roll by hand.


Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

RollMover – HD v3.2


RollMover – XHD


RollMover – SD v5


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