Powered Trolley Stand on Tug Drover

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The Drover Stand on Tug is ideal for factories, warehouses, distribution centres, airports, maintenance facilities, schools, colleges, universities, shopping centres, events centres, exhibition and convention centres, sporting arenas, hospitals, laundries, commercial food operations, airports and many more service areas. It can pull a single or multiple “train” of trolleys, heavy or large waste bins and is perfect for step on/step off order picking duties together with an appropriate order picking trolley.

Drover is silent, battery operated Stand on Tug which is easy and simple to operate, with precise joystick control, variable speed, maximum traction, stability, tremendous battery capacity and is extremely safe. The dual drive system has been specifically engineered to offer consistent performance with 2000 kg pulling power. Compact design and engineering allows the Stand on Tug easy handling with heavy long loads in tight spaces and to travel long distances, effortlessly.

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It can enter small lifts confidently, turn in its own axis because of the compact design. The unique adaptive hitching mechanism provides a secure attachment to various trolleys. The weight of the trolley over its own drive wheels, give the utmost grip and adhesion to the ground. The result is a smoother, quieter, safer and easier operation, in tight spaces, under heavy loads. The automatic security brake feature, allows you to take your hand safely off the throttle control and tug and trolley will come to an immediate stop, activating the parking brake. Using the Stand on Tug mover increases staff productivity and morale immediately while eliminating the risk of injury through physical exertion, strain and fatigue.

Drover is supplied with strips of LED along both sides & the rear end. It runs with complete silence, making it an ideal partner in the health care industry at hospitals and aged care hubs for moving linen trolleys and for waste management. There is a warning “horn” and audible reversing signal. The removable on/off key ensures their safety and prevents unauthorised use. It is optionally available with a “bolt on” seat, when the operator prefers a non-standing position. It can be driven either in the stand on or sit on mode.

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Product Variations

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Drover – Stand on Tug 200kg capacity


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