Gzunda Bed Movers

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The new and improved Gzunda Bed Movers continue to increase safety in a variety of working environments.

Perfect for hospitals and aged care facilities, these units reduce the risk of manual handling injuries within the healthcare industry.  A simple bed attachment, they securely grip into position to move heavy loads effortlessly.  These bed movers are able to navigate beds through high traffic, tight corridors and in/out of lifts, they simplify tasks and increase efficiency.

This product is specially designed for moving a variety of hospital bed frames. It allows its operator to have the strength to effectively transport beds to improve safety and increase storage space – an essential for busy emergency departments.


Additional Information

Improve bed moving in your organisation!

Gzunda Bed Movers are incredibly easy to use.  A simple device, they feature a noiseless and powerful motor, that is completely emissions free!  Its slim, economical and attractive design ensures it’s completely intuitive and innovative.  Its retractable handle folds away for extra storage, ideal when navigating lifts and confined spaces.

 Keep staff and patients safe!

Gzunda allows medical staff to easily transport beds and patients safely around busy corridors.  The unit requires minimal effort, allowing an operator to maneouvre beds and trolleys around facilities.

No pushing or pulling, straining or bending is required.  Let the Bed Movers do the heavy towing for you.

 Gzunda Bed Movers

With Gzunda Bed Movers, employees have the strength of ten people!  The once arduous task of moving heavy beds between rooms, wards, theatres, up slopes and around corners, is made easy.  The biggest advantage of this device is the reduce risks for healthcare professionals.  Such a benefit leads to more satisfied and safer working environments – the value of which, cannot be underestimated.

How does it all work?

Gzunda automatically attaches and detaches from beds with the push of a button.  Its low profile and stainless steel tine easily manages different bed designs without damage.  Each unit features a command panel with an on/off key, emergency stop button, battery condition monitor, auto-attach button, horn and three maximum speed settings.  The direction of the bed can be controlled by the variable control and ergonomic twist grip handle. Each unit is supplied as standard, with a sealed, maintenance-free, lead acid battery and charger.

Three models available!

 Gzunda MELGZS Bed Mover

A silent, fast and powerful unit, the MELGZS Bed Mover is simple to use.  It can moves beds, with or without patients, up or down ramps, over carpets, into lifts and arround tight corners.  It features non-marking tyres, smooth operation and is Australian made and designed.

  • Capacity – 600kg
  • Height – 1230mm
  • Length – 1245mm
  • Two widths available (please enquire)
  • No under-bed clearance required
  • Push-button hitching

 Gzunda MELGZN and MELGZBDH Bed Mover

The MELGZN Bed Mover features similar attributes as the above model, but is an intelligently designed slimline version.  It’s comes compact and easily maneouvres tight corridors, with a towing capacity of 500kg. The MELGZBDH is alike its sibling, however is ideal for transporting bariatric patients and is able to tow a powerful 800kg.

  • Moves 500kg capacity (800kg for bariatric model)
  • Push button hitching
  • Please view brochure for dimensions
  • Alike MELGZS with non-marking tyres, simple to use, quiet and smooth operation
  • Also Australian made and designed
  • Requires 100mm if clearance under the bed (can be modified to 90mm)

It has safety written all over it.

The Bed Mover can detach easily, ensuring an operator can move many beds as required.  Its ‘safety back-off reversing bar’ prevents users from being jammed against obstructions.  When activated, these feature reverses the bed mover in the opposite direction of travel.  The Gzunda Bed Movers sleek and innovative design ensures a safer workplace.  It bears the burden of heavy loads, making it an ideal partner in the healthcare industry.  Improve Occupational Health and Safety processes in your organisation with this unique unit.

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Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Gzunda slim-line bed mover
500kg capacity at 6 degree incline
Hitch ordered separately


Flex hitch bar 780mm long with hitch kit


Gzunda bariatric bed mover
800kg capacity at 6 degree incline


Gzunda split-tyne bed mover
600kg capacity at 6 degree incline


Gzunda split-tyne USA bed mover
600kg capacity at 6 degree incline


Universal Gripper Hitch


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