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Heavy Duty Tuff Tubs can be fitted to trolleys for secure and efficient transportation of goods. This solution reduces manual handling risks and makes it easy for your employees to move more around your workplace. These Tuff Tub Trolleys suit a range of applications across food, textile, pharmaceutical, medical, laundry and manufacturing industries.

Constructed from durable, food-grade polyethylene, they comply with Australian Standards (like AS 2070-1999 Plastic Materials For Food Contact Use). Their heavy-duty rotational moulded build ensures they are resistant to most chemicals. Optional lids can be added to each design for additional security. Coil spring or hanging spring rising bases are also available.

Choose from tubs with either a straight or tapered side. All tubs come complete with a zinc-plated steel dolly and are fitted with 2 fixed, 2 swivel total brake 125 mm blue rubber plate castors. Stainless steel dollies are optionally available.

Additional Information

Combine our tubs and trolleys for an efficient solution!

When you need to move stuff around, you’ll need some form of equipment to make the job easier. Our Tuff Tub Trolleys are ideal for storing and carrying a large number of things at once. They are considered to be one of the most cost-effective and useful pieces of warehousing equipment.

Ideal for a range of applications

As a general-purpose warehouse trolley, this option may be utilised for order selection and transferring items within a workplace. Their strong structure makes them long-lasting, durable, and cost-effective. They’re chemically resistant, and an extra lid can be added for increased protection.

Choose from tapered or straight sides

These Tuff Tubs are available with either straight or tapered sides.

Heavy Duty Rectangular Tuff Tubs Straight Tank

Straight Sided Tuff Tubs

Heavy Duty Rectangular Tuff Tubs Tapered Tank

Tapered Sided Tuff Tubs

Code Description Rim Dimensions
(L x W) 
Base Dimensions
(L x W) 
STRT150 Tapered Rectangular Tub 150L 810 x 570 mm 670 x 430 mm 500 mm
STRT350 Tapered Rectangular Tub 350L 1020 x 720 mm 880 x 580 mm 625 mm
STRT450 Tapered Rectangular Tub 450L 1320 x 720 mm 1180 x 580 mm 625 mm
Straight sided Rectangular Tub 250L 1150 x 635 mm 1050 x 535 mm 525 mm
SRT340 Straight sided Rectangular Tub 340L 990 x 690 mm 880 x 580 mm 670 mm
Straight sided Rectangular Tub 450L 1240 x 740 mm 1130 x 630 mm 670 mm
SRT650 Straight sided Rectangular Tub 650L 1480 x 880 mm 1380 x 780 mm 670 mm

* Optional dollies are available and add 150 mm height with standard 125 mm castors.

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Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Tapered rectangular tub 150L
Rim Dimensions: 810 x 570mm
Base Dimensions : 670 x 430mm
Height: 500mm


Dolly to suit STRT150


Straight rectangular tub 250L
Rim Dimensions: 1150 x 635mm
Base Dimensions : 1050 x 535mm
Height: 525mm


Dolly to suit SRT250


Tapered rectangular tub 350L
Rim Dimensions: 1020 x 720mm
Base Dimensions : 880 x 580mm
Height: 625mm


Dolly to suit STRT350


Straight rectangular tub 340L
Rim Dimensions: 990 x 690mm
Base Dimensions : 880 x 580mm
Height: 670mm


Dolly to suit SRT340


Tapered rectangular tub 450L
Rim Dimensions: 1320 x 720mm
Base Dimensions : 1180 x 580mm
Height: 625mm


Dolly to suit STRT450


Straight rectangular tub 450L
Rim Dimensions: 1230 x 730mm
Base Dimensions : 1140 x 640mm
Height: 670mm


Dolly to suit SRT450


Straight rectangular tub 650L
Rim Dimensions: 1480 x 880mm
Base Dimensions : 1380 x 780mm
Height: 670mm


Dolly to suit SRT650


Straight rectangular tub 1380L with trolley
1905 x 920 x 805mm L x W x H


Lid to suit SRT250


Lid to suit SRT340


Lid to suit STRT150


Lid to suit STRT350


Lid to suit STRT450


Bolt on handle for sizes 150 160 + 250 L


Bolt on handle for bins 340 350 450 + 650 L


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