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Lifting Device (Spring Rising Base) Backsaver

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Backsaver is a simple but highly effective device that reduces injury in laundries and other workplaces where loading and unloading of goods from bins presents a problem. They are placed at the bottom of the bin with a PVC top to support the load and automatically raises or lowers the goods for the operator, eliminating the need to bend and reach into the bin. Click here to see the Backsaver fitted to our Tuff Tub Trolleys


Additional Information

The units are supplied without springs. There are 4 springs, each with different capacity (15-25, 30-45, 50-70 and 100-125kg) that can be used with any of the 3 platform sizes. Backsaver are optionally available in stainless steel versions. An optional PVC top is cut to suit your application and can be supplied in any size you like.

Standard sizes of the Back Saver:

Mini 400 x 500 deck with maximum load of 40kgs

Midi 700 x 400 deck with maximum load of 100kgs

Maxi 1000 x 550 deck with maximum load of 125kgs

Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Backsaver mini 400 x 500mm
Max. height 350mm 40kg capacity


Backsaver midi 400 x 700mm
Max. height 520mm 100kg capacity


Backsaver maxi 550 x 1000mm
Max. height 775mm 125kg capacity


Backsaver green spring 15-25kg


Backsaver blue spring 30-45kg


Backsaver red spring 50-70kg


Backsaver yellow spring 100-125kg


PVC top deck
Cut to order


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