Hospital Bed Maintenance Lift

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Our Hospital Bed Maintenance Lift is designed to lift all types of hospital beds, including bariatric beds weighing up to 600 kg. Equipped with electric hydraulic power, the unit operates via remote control for easy use and access. The device safely lifts beds, allowing maintenance and engineering staff to perform repairs and servicing work at an ergonomic height. To prevent hospital beds from moving whilst on the device, the Hospital Bed Maintenance Lift is supplied with a 20 mm safety lip around its edges.

With a chequer plate deck, removable rear deck and expandable table configuration, the lifter can be adapted to your requirements. All features are supplied as standard including a handy towing handle for moving or relocation, side table extensions and an add-on front deck to accommodate custom length beds.


Additional Information

The Hospital Bed Maintenance Lift safely handles beds up to 600 kg!

This device is ideal for servicing and maintenance applications on a variety of hospital beds. Lifting is completed in under 25 seconds and the unit has a range of safety features to ensure it’s reliability. These include an anti-slip and non-skid chequer plate platform that provides extra grip for beds, an automatic safety release system and a safety lip on three sides of the platform (to prevent beds from falling off).

Overall Features:

  • Removable rear deck.
  • Expandable table configuration.
  • Towing handle.
  • Side table extensions.
  • Add-on front deck to accommodate custom length beds.
  • Electric hydraulic lift remote control.
  • Hydraulic direct-drive cylinders, designed and made on ANSI standard, utilising oil seal in the cylinder.
  • Self-lubricating UHMW polyethylene sliders and bronze bush.
  • Width Extension Kit for an additional 600 mm on each side.
  • Anti-slip/non-skid chequer plate platform.
  • Automatic safety release system.
  • Safety lip (20 mm) on three sides of the platform (excluding ramp end) to prevent hospital beds from falling off.

HBML Specifications: 

  • Lifting Capacity – 600 kg
  • Lifting Time – 23 seconds
  • Lowered Height – 155 mm
  • Raised Height – 1090 mm
  • Overall Length – 2745 mm
  • Ramp Length – 400 mm
  • Overall Width – 1350 mm (including 600 mm Width Extension Kit)
  • Deck Type – Chequer Plate
  • Shipping Weight – 290 kg
  • Motor – 1.5 HP


Hospital Bed Maintenance Lift Width Extension Kit

As shown above, the Width Extension Kit safely adds 600 mm to the overall width of the platform. 

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Hospital Bed Maintenance Lift


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