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Patient Transfer Aid – Simple Up

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Introducing the Simple Up – a Mobile Patient Lift Platform Transfer Aid, that allows radiographers and other healthcare professionals to safely and ergonomically lift and move their patients. Strengthening occupational health and safety processes, this device helps to comfortably move people into the right position for x-rays of the lower limbs and doubles as a lifting device, assisting in transferring them to examination tables, elevated surfaces and hospital beds etc.

As a mobile and user-friendly device, the Simple Up allows patients with restricted movement further flexibility. It also ensures safe working ergonomics for staff and handlers as it elevates patients to a practical working height. Not only does it prevent trip hazards, falls and strains, but it is a must-have asset for any healthcare facility. Furthermore, this Patient Transfer Aid is height-adjustable, cordless, battery-operated and features a very low step-up for ease of use (130 mm).

Additional Information

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The Simple Up is an extremely beneficial solution for any healthcare industry.

This device helps elevate a patient with poor mobility. Whether a person is pregnant, obese, injured or ill, the Simple Up improves examination and procedure processes. Overall, the device increases safety for patients, improves productivity for healthcare professionals and reduces exposure to injuries as less manual assistance is required. The system is mobile and can be transferred or stored between rooms.

How does it work? 

Operation is simple and via either the wired or alternative Bluetooth, handheld control, which features up and down buttons. This allows the healthcare professional single-handed operation, so their free hand can assist the patient if need be. Essentially a lift platform, the device shows a green light when it has locked its wheels and is secure for use. Handrails reassure the patient during movement. After the procedure or transfer is complete, the operator can lower a patient back down to ground level (or until the light is green again).

The low step-up means a patient can easily and comfortably move onto the platform. The Simple Up is only 520 mm wide, weighs only 90 kg and is fitted with 4 ball bearing casters. As a mobile device, it can navigate through doorways, hallways, corridors and elevators to assist hospital staff. This allows the device to be used for multiple applications and different locations.

Simple Up Patient Transfer Aid Process

The Simple Up – Patient Transfer Aid can handle a weight capacity of up to 200 kg. It ideally and efficiently works at the foot or side of any exam table, bed or elevated surface. The handrails help patients feel secure when the unit is in motion and it has a large platform with anti-slip-mat to reassure a patient’s comfort and safety.

Invest in safety with this new and advanced Patient Transfer solution!

This innovation features a long list of benefits that will improve workplace performance and customer satisfaction. Additionally, it provides patient comfort and flexibility and can be adapted into any room.


  • Ergonomic and can be set to the right height.
  • Battery-operated and flexible.
  • Mobile, easy to move and can integrate into any room.
  • Ensures patients are in a correct and comfortable position.
  • Ensures healthcare professionals are working at an ergonomic height.
  • Sturdy, safe, stable and maintenance-free.
  • Solid when in use; castors engage when signalled.
  • Emergency stops on either side of the device (two in total).
  • Fast and simple to operate for any employee.
  • Improves workflow.
  • Prevents patient falls or injuries.
  • Easy access for walkers
  • Convenient hand pendant for intuitive operation.
  • Non-slip grip handles and anti-slip mat for patient safety.
  • Fits through standard doorways, corridors, hallways and elevators.
  • Quiet actuators for comfort.
  • Approved MDD 93/42/EEC safety standard compliant.


  • Maximum Weight Capacity – 200 kg
  • Step Height – 130 mm
  • Lifting Height – 600 mm + step height
  • Net Standing Surface – 740 x 470 mm
  • Unit Weight – 90 kg
  • Operation – 2 keys or remote control
  • Powered by a rechargeable lithium-Ion battery
  • Optional safety bar

simpleup 3 positions large

Simple Up 2 compressed

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    Product Variations

    Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

    Patient Transfer Device
    200 kg capacity incl. charger

    MSU $24,780.00

    Remote control wired Incl. holder

    MCL112 $700.00

    Remote control Bluetooth Incl. holder

    MCL113 $2,078.00

    Optional safety bar assembly

    MSUSB $1,170.00

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