Hospital Bed Mover EVO

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An effortless and ergonomic device, the EVO Bed Movers safely transports patients and beds around hospitals. They are comfortable and simple to use. The compact engineered design ensures the device easily navigates hospital beds safely through hallways, elevators and up/down ramps.

Used by hospital staff to help improve safety procedures, Hospital Bed Movers successfully reduce physical strains that often occur when personnel over-exert themselves trying to manually move heavy hospital beds. Operated by a handset, the mover grips the hospital bed with the push of a button. They are very simple to use and operators love them!

Think reduced risks of injury, improved productivity, increases in workplace morale and higher efficiency in hospital processes – these bed movers are an asset to any hospital, inpatient, aged care or healthcare facility.

Additional Information

How does it work?

Powered by heavy-duty batteries, the EVO Bed Mover is an innovative bed-moving system that can easily transport over 500 kg. The unit connects to hospital beds with the push of a button. No clamps or noisy mechanisms that can disturb a patient at rest. Simply adjust the V-Blocks on the forks, place them under the bed frame and engage the devices lifting forks using the push button.


The Bed Mover operates with a unique control system – virtually anyone can use it!

The control functionality of this product is incredible. An operator with minimal training is safe to operate the device. Carers and staff can move beds (with or without patients) quickly, quietly and with confidence. Functions include variable speed control and a horn for workplace awareness. The steering point of the device is located at the front of the bed, this means the turning point begins when the first part of the bed has reached a corner or doorway. It’s so incredibly simple!

Increase Occupational Health and Safety in your workplace!

The Bed Mover has successfully improved practices among many healthcare facilities. We pride ourselves on assuring reliability and the improvement of workplace safety.

The EVO radically reduces potential risks and hazards. Our Bed Mover is not only Australian-made but it makes workplaces efficient and productive. The ability to navigate heavy loads around tight corners has to be one of the best features of anything on the market.

Evo Bed Mover

Evo Bed Mover attaches easily to hospital beds.

Evo Bed Mover

The Evo Bed Mover is perfect for a range of hospital beds

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Product Variations

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Hospital Bed Mover


Handset assembly (spare part)


Drive roller (PolyU on aluminium drive roller 100 diam)


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