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WheelieSafe is a clever, ergonomic, wheelie bin handling trolley that safely moves heavy bins up to 360 litres in size. Available in either a manual or electric model, our bin trolley range ensures quiet and efficient operation.

Each WheelieSafe Trolley has been designed for a specific purpose in mind and is suitable for slightly different applications. As such, our manual model is ideal for flat and easily negotiated terrains. Alternatively, the electric model is a more advanced option that assists with heavier loads, multiple bins, rough surfaces or steep gradients.

All in all, the WheelieSafe range of bin handling trolleys is designed to move single or multiple wheelie bins of a variety of sizes. Steep inclines and uneven ground are no problem for this innovative unit and all devices are equipped with a patented hook system for effortless bin loading.

Additional Information

WheelieSafe guarantees greater control with waste management!

The WheelieSafe offers great assistance with manual handling, especially for personnel or lesser abled people. Bearing the full tilting load, the trolley easily navigates terrains and corners, and, with the electric model, it powers up steep inclines. Not only does it make handling bins safer, but it increases efficiency and user abilities.

Wheelie bins are a necessity. Especially for any waste management solution across commercial, residential and industrial sites. When completely full, they raise a potential Occupational Health and Safety hazard. Not only does the waste need to be disposed of appropriately, but heavy loads can be unstable. This can result in operator slips, trips and falls or handling injuries.

Through the WheelieSafe’s robust design, added stability and braking mechanisms, it successfully prevents workplace accidents, all while increasing hygiene measures. This bin trolley alleviates traditional wheelie bin movement and comes with a handling bracket to move multiple bins at once.

WheelieSafe Dolley and Multi 0


  • Available in either a manual or electric model.
  • Easy and safe to use, especially in commercial, residential and industrial workplaces.
  • Perfect for all personnel, especially less abled or elderly people.
  • Quicker handling as it assists in the movement of wheelie bins and can move multiple bins at once.
  • Reduces hygiene concerns as direct contact with a wheelie bin or waste is eliminated.
  • Patented design and registered trademark.

WheelieSafe Manual is our basic model and is designed to handle single or multiple wheelie bins safely and efficiently. A patented hook system secures the bins to the frame while the third wheel takes the ’tilt’ load. It has a fail-safe braking system and puncture-proof tyres ensure it is practically maintenance-free. It can carry up to 3 bins: two bins abreast or piggyback or three bins in a triangular formation.

Our Electric Bin Handling is the same construction as the Manual unit but is power-driven by twin battery-electric motors and includes a lay-back third wheel. The trolley takes the whole load, the whole time. Just like the Manual model, it can handle two bins abreast or piggyback or three bins in a triangular formation.

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Product Variations

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WheelieSafe Wheelie Bin Handling Trolley
Battery electric model


Battery charging adaptor


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