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Pallet Wrapping Machine Semi-Auto

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Our POR series semi-automatic pallet stretch wrappers have been designed with efficiency and safe operation in mind.

These stretch-wrapping machines will give you all of the capabilities needed to wrap pallet loads quickly and efficiently. They can vastly increase efficiency and profitability with lower film cost per load compared to manual stretch wrapping. A powered pre-stretch model, POR2000 is also available, capable pre-stretch ratio up to 250%.

They eliminate the need for labour-intensive, inefficient manual hand wrapping. Have rugged steel construction for long-term reliability. Fitted with a photocell eye for automatic height detection. The forklift relocation slots make for easy machine transportation and include a 1070mm wide x 1325mm long ramp for pallet truck access. They all have automatic and manual wrapping programs and user-friendly ‘Soft Touch’ controls.

Available options are a larger 1800mm diameter turntable size, a black photocell eye to detect black film or dark products and an integrated platform scale with a digital weight indicator.

Additional Information

  • Turntable diameter 1520 mm
  • Turntable speed adjustable up to 10 RPM
  • Stretch film size  500 mm
  • Load capacity 2000 kg
  • Power supply 240V single phase
  • Warranty 1 Year
  • Machine weight 450 kg

We have a number of Stretch Wrapping solutions to assist with your packaging requirements.

Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Platform Scale option


Ramp for Pallet Wrapper


Pallet Wrapper
2200mm wrap height
1500mm diameter turntable


Pallet Wrapper
2500mm wrap height
1500mm diameter turntable


Pallet Wrapper
Powered pre-stretch
2500mm wrap height
1500mm diameter turntable


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