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iDimension PWD Pallet Weighing and Dimensioning System

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The iDimension PWD system includes a 1.52m x 1.52m, 2,500 kg capacity floor scale with built-in forklift bumper guards, a weight indicator, a USB-connected touchscreen display and an overhead dimensioning system.

The iDimension PWD can be front-loaded with a forklift or side-loaded using a pallet jack with optional access ramps. Simply place the pallet on the floor scale and trigger the PWD less than two seconds, the iDimension PWD measures and provides dimensions, weight and images.

 Refer to the PDF below for scales, options, accessories and parts.


Additional Information

Standard Features

Versatile Uses
iDimension PWD is capable of measuring pallets up to 1.82m cubed or packages as small as 152mm.

Convenient Pallet Tare Mode
For non-Legal for Trade applications, iDimension PWD can measure objects on a pallet by excluding their length and width and subtracting the known pallet height.

Easy Network Integration
The iDimension PWD is designed to easily transfer images and dimensions to a network, simplifying claims processes. Built with a web service interface, iDimension PWD offers simple integration using configurable capture definitions through HTTP requests, status checking and XML parsing.

Quick, Simple Installation
In less than a day, the iDimension PWD can be set up, configured and put to work.


High Resolution Camera
Capture an image of each piece of freight to provide proof of condition to simplify the freight damage claim process. Produces a 2.4 mm colour image at 2688 x 1606 pixels.

Wired or Wireless Barcode Scanner
Keyboard wedge emulation will manually trigger the iDimension PWD to dimension and add barcode text data into web service API.

Access Ramps
One or two side-mounted ramps provide access for pallet jacks.

Overhead 5th Sensor
Increases performance when dimensioning highly reflective and IR sensitive pallet shrink wrap material and small protrusion located on top of freight pallets.

Software Programs
QubeVu Desktop for use as a software keyboard wedge, transferring weight and dimensions to the connected terminal. iDimension Software Suite for storing data and images transferring data to ERP and WMS systems.

Software Maintenace and Support
Annual software maintenance, extended warranty and 24/7 factory technical support available.

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Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

PWD System 2500 kg -1.82 m x 1.82 m x 1.82 m max


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