MegaBin Pallet Bin

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The MegaBin is the original Australian pallet size bulk bin. Manufactured from food grade polypropylene and high-density polyethylene, it exceeds safety expectations as a leading plastic bin with its considerate design.

Certified to the requirements of AS2070-1999 Plastics Materials For Food Contact Use, the MegaBin is an ideal solution for fruit and vegetable movement, handling and retail high performance. With rounded corners/edging and smoother interior surfaces, the MegaBin prevents damage to produce and protects the quality of valuable goods.

Compatible with most bin handling equipment, the MegaBin Pallet Bin is available in a variety of designs to service a number of applications.

Additional Information

The MegaBin is a versatile pallet-sized container that can fit into any storage application!

The MegaBin features a self-palletising design that is durable and sturdy. It is considerably lighter than timber bins and is a quick and safe solution to storage. The unit has a non-porous surface made from UV stabilised polyethylene in a solid construction. The air vented bins provide superior airflow and exterior pads, on all options, prevent scratches or damage. The MegaBin has double-wall corner and centre posts, with two comfortable handholds for easy lifting and smooth interior surfaces.

These bins are available with either vented or non-vented sides, lids, tipping bars (for rotating upside down), liquid drainage bungs and can also be hot-stamped with any company logo. The unit features a unique moulded label holder (for cards and tags) and an interlocking foot design for secure and fast stacking.

MegaBin Specifications:

  • Width – 1165 x 1165 mm
  • Height – 780 mm
  • Internal – 1082 x 1082 mm
  • Weight (approx.) – 46 kg
  • Cubic Capacity – 755 litres (approx.)
  • Made from high density polyethylene (HDPE)
  • UV Stabilised, Fully Recyclable and Food Grade Approved

MegaBin Spec Drawing

MegaBin Specifications

Stacking Capabilities:

  • 5000 kg on level ground in cold storage
  • 3800 kg on level ground at temperatures less than 35°C for less than 1 month
  • 3400 kg on level ground at temperatures less than 35°C for more than a month

Fork Lift Entry Requirements:

  • 143 mm opening with patented slide entry
  • 90 mm Pallet Jack clearance when empty
  • Two handholds for lifting

Optional Features and Extras:

  • All models are available with either vented or solid design
  • Hot foil stamping can add custom logos for clear ownership
  • Sequential Numbering
  • Barcoding
  • Extended Height feet for storage in pallet racking
  • Lids Available
  • Tipping Bars (for upside-down rotation)
  • Liquid Drainage Bungs
  • Strong Bin Cover

The MegaBin is compatible with most bin handling equipment including our Forklift Mounted Hydraulic Bin Tipper (Code MBT), our Forklift Mounted Mechanical Bin Tipper (Code MFBTSH) or our Mobile Stillage Bin Tilter. The portable MegaDumper can also be modified to tip these bins.


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Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

MegaBin with solid sides
Cubic capacity 780L


MegaBin with vented sides
Cubic capacity 780L


MegaBin lid


MegaBin with solid sides
Fitted with extended feet for use in pallet racking


MegaBin with vented sides
Fitted with extended feet for use in pallet racking


MegaBin Rotator Base with Wheels


MegaBin with solid sides and drainage bung


MegaBin with solid sides
Fitted with galvanised tipping bars


MegaBin with vented sides
Fitted with galvanised tipping bars


MegaBin foot only


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