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MegaDumper Bin Tippers (for 660/1100 L Bins)

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Our MegaDumper Bin Tipper is an incredibly safe and economical, heavy-duty industrial bin tipper. With a modular design, it suits a great range of applications including emptying rubbish into compactors and pouring ingredients into mixers. It easily lifts capacities up to 600 kg and tips Wheelie Bins or MegaBins forward to dispose of contents.

Featuring a unique tipping action, the MegaDumper provides high stability, a small workplace ‘footprint’, and various tipping heights to suit specific requirements (from 900 mm to more than 6 m). Ideal for emptying 660 L and 1100 L bins, the MegaDumper has been designed for safe handling and productive waste management.

The unit has an electro-hydraulic mechanism, with a full cage and mesh guarding structure. Unlike other similar bin tippers, the MegaDumper does not have a dangerous swing arc and is highly versatile.


Additional Information

The MegaDumper Bin Tipper is a quality, robust and simple waste management solution!

As an integral part of workplace operations and waste management procedures, the MegaDumper was designed for safety from the ground up. Its full height and swing-up door allows for secure loading. The unit also features an interlocking safety system for segregated and strong operation. It complies with relevant Australian Standards and can be customised to tip any container.

MegaDumper Bin Tipper - feautres

Suitable for indoors or outdoors use, the units have a compact design with a tiny floor footprint. MegaDumper Bin Tippers come with an inbuilt charger, interlocking door switch and a disabling key switch (to stop unauthorised persons from accessing the machine). Cradles are available to suit wheelie bins up to 1100 litres, Laundry Trolleys, Carts, Drums, Boxes and Cartons and Containers. They are supplied as a standard battery-operated model, however, mains power sourced bin tippers are available. They also feature a variety of lifting heights.

Choose the right MegaDumper for your application. 

There are different variations of the MegaDumper available including the B-Series for bins up to 660 L, the E-Series for larger bins up to 1100 L and our MegaBin series.


  • Lifting Capacity – up to 600 kg
  • Lifting Heights – 1.8 m (with options from 0.9 m to 6 m)
  • Performance – 25 tonnes/per day
  • Power Source – 24 V / 42 Ah (Battery powered with onboard charger and 1-phase or 3-phase mains power)
  • Compressed-air power
  • Great for outdoor use
  • Safety-rated
  • Optional Wheelie Bin Cradles (2-wheel or 4-wheel), Bulk-Produce Bin Cradle and other customisations available

MegaDumper Series

MegaDumper for Bins up to 660 L:

  • Tipping Heights – 1200, 1500, 1800, 2100 mm and customised
  • Guarding Height – 2635 mm
  • Overall Height – 2855, 3155, 3455, 3755 mm and customised
  • Length (door closed) – 1342 mm
  • Length (door open) 1592 mm
  • Width – 1874 mm

MegaDumper for 660L


MegaDumper for Bins up to 1100 L

  • Tipping Heights – 1200, 1500, 1800, 2100 mm and customised
  • Guarding Height – 2635 mm
  • Overall Height – 2940, 3240, 3540, 3840 mm and customised
  • Length (door closed) – 1592 mm
  • Length (door open) 1842 mm
  • Width – 1874 mm

MegaDumper for bins 1100L

Available with a range of optional accessories!

The MegaDumper supports a range of customised options and accessories to ensure the unit fits your required activity.

  • Bin Weight – capacities can be engineered on request.
  • Tipping Heights – from 700 mm to 7 m.
  • Power Supply – single-phase, three-phase, battery or compressed air.
  • Cradles available to suit all common industrial containers.
  • Custom cradles can be designed for unique applications.
  • Full or partial stainless steel construction for hygiene critical, food-grade or corrosive environments.
  • Frame-mounted chute for applications where the unit cannot be placed against a skip or hopper.
  • Optional standards certification – certified machines include a double interlock door, electronic evaluation unit and additional guarding panels
  • Auto-cycle and other programmable behaviours.
  • Solar power or battery-powered options.
  • Digital scales.
  • Guarding – steel mesh, transparent or sheet metal.
  • Mounting – castor wheels or bolt-down lugs.

Require a smaller model? 

View our Dumpmaster Bin Tippers perfect for lifting bins of 80-240 litres. Alternatively, browse our great selection of Wheelie Bin Tippers.

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Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

MegaDumper 600kg
Tipping MegaBin Pallet Bins
1200mm Tipping Height


MegaDumper 600kg
Tipping MegaBin Pallet Bins
1500mm Tipping Height


MegaDumper 600kg
Tipping MegaBin Pallet Bins
1800mm Tipping Height


MegaDumper 600kg
Tipping Mobile Waste Bins
1500mm Tipping Height


MegaDumper 600kg
Tipping Mobile Waste Bins
1800mm Tipping Height


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