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Wheelie Bin Tippers DumpMaster

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With its electro-hydraulic operation, the DumpMaster Wheelie Bin Tipper lifts any bin to any height, safely and quickly. Handling capacities up to 250 kg, it is one of the most efficient and reliable waste management solutions on the market. This unit has been continuously developed for over 30-years and is still a favourite among customers.

From emptying rubbish into skips/bins to pouring ingredients into mixers, the DumpMaster suits many applications. Its versatile design makes it easy to transport and it takes up little floor space. The tipping cycle on the Bin Tipper is completely unique as it lifts the bin straight up and then softly turns it upside down, over the lid of a receptacle.

Designed with safety at the forefront, the DumpMaster features a full guarding cage and an interlocked gate system (fitted as standard). The machine is built in accordance with relevant safety standards (AS4024 Safety of Machinery).


Additional Information

Our DumpMaster Bin Tipper is an efficient solution that handles many waste management activities!

This device is a great solution for the fast emptying of wheelie bins. The tipping cycle takes as little as 15 seconds and the hydraulics of the device handles all the heavy lifting. A Bin Tipper like the DumpMaster reduces any risk of manual injury or strain.

With its electric-hydraulic system, the DumpMaster is supplied either as battery or mains-powered and has a variety of lift heights available to suit your requirements. The Bin Tipper can also be customised with a selection of different cradles to tip just about anything you need to be emptied.

Use either outdoors or indoors, this device assists a range of applications. Several models are available with varying tipping heights between 1200 mm and 2100 mm. The Bin Tipper can even be customised to suit particular specifications.


  • Tipping Height – (can be customised)
  • Capacity – 250 kg (optionally 300 kg)
  • Bin Compatibility – 60, 80, 120, 140, 240 L Standard Wheelie Bins
  • User Operations – Raise/Lower buttons, key switch, battery indicator, lockout switch
  • Galvanised mild steel frame and wire mesh guarding
Model Tipping Height Height Unit Weight Tipping Cycle Duration
M0700 700 mm 1760 mm 160 kg 11 seconds
M1200 1200 mm 2260 mm 205 kg 11 seconds
M1500 1500 mm 2560 mm 215 kg 13 seconds
M1800 1800 mm 2860 mm 225 kg 15 seconds
M2100 2100 mm 3160 mm 260 kg 17 seconds
M2400 2400 mm 3460 mm 280 kg 19 seconds
M2700 2700 mm 3760 mm 300 kg 21 seconds
M3000 3000 mm 4060 mm 320 kg 23 seconds

An optional DockMaster M700DC model is available, which is suitable for emptying bins from elevated loading docks and platforms. Dumpmaster Specifications

Equip your DumpMaster with a great range of optional accessories to customise a great waste management solution. Choose from:

  • Customised cradles to suit any type of lifting drum
  • Standard units are battery-powered with a charger (Alternatively available in 240V, 415V or Compressed Air)
  • Frame-mounted tipping chute
  • Solar Panel
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Bin hook kit to secure machine into position
  • Left-hinge, right-hinge, swing-up or roller door
  • Safety Monitoring systems
  • Transparent, unbreakable polycarbonate guarding
  • Operator guard (splash shield)
  • Sheet metal guarding
  • Auto-cycle controller
  • Digital scales to weigh bins

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View our wide selection of Wheelie Bin Tippers and choose the right model for your organisation.

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Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Dumpmaster bin tipper
1200mm Tipping Height


Dumpmaster bin tipper
1500mm Tipping Height


Dumpmaster bin tipper
1800mm Tipping Height


Dumpmaster bin tipper
2100mm Tipping Height


Dumpmaster bin tipper
2400mm Tipping Height


Dumpmaster bin tipper
2700mm Tipping Height


Dumpmaster bin tipper
3000mm Tipping Height


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