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Wheelie Bin Tippers Dockmaster

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As a special model of our DumpMaster Tippers range, the DockMaster easily clears rubbish from wheelie bins, drums and skips quickly and efficiently. Its difference is that it features a special tipping mechanism that allows the device to move and invert bins as low as 700 mm from the ground. This is a particularly useful feature in raised loading docks as the machine won’t fall off the dock edge. Additional bracing and feet beside the wheels also help to reinforce its stability.

The DockMaster Bin Tipper is an effortless solution that is both safe and innovative. It empties bins in less than 10 seconds and has a load capacity of up to 250 kg. When using the tipper, the operator simply pushes the bin into position and activates the battery-powered machine. With this device, emptying bins from elevated loading docks can be completed quickly end efficiently.

Additional Information

Empty bins at docks with the DockMaster!

Our DockMaster prevents injuries from occurring if someone is emptying rubbish from heavy wheelie bins on raised loading docks. Carrying out this task manually can be difficult, slow and quite dangerous. Especially when moving near a loading dock edge. As such, the DockMaster Wheelie Bin Tipper is built with many safety components to ensure operators and workplaces are protected against hazardous manual handling tasks.

As a variant of the DumpMaster range, the DockMaster specialises in tipping bins from elevated loading docks and platforms. Unlike the DumpMaster, the DockMaster is able to invert bins as close to the ground as possible. This then will help the unit operate near platform edges. The device is fitted with a pair of safety rails adjacent to the castor wheels, which catch the machine if it rolls off the edge – preventing any further movement!

M700DC Specifications: 

  • Tipping Height – 700 mm
  • Height – 1770 mm
  • Width – 964 mm
  • Length – 1170 mm (door closed); 1834 mm (door open)
  • Capacity (max. bin weight) – 250 kg
  • Tipping Cycle Duration – 8 seconds
  • Battery-powered with charger
  • Cradle to accept 80, 120 and 240-litre wheelie bins
  • Full cage guarding with an interlocked door latch
  • Special safety rails that stop the unit from rolling off a raised dock edge

Not tipping off a dock?

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Product Variations

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Dumpmaster bin tipper 700mm Tipping Height


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