Bin Blaster

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Effectively clean out wheelie bins with our innovative Bin Blaster. Drawing hydraulic power from the water supply, this device ergonomically lifts and tilts bins for easy manual wash-down. Water and debris can be collected and emptied with ease, thus improving your waste management processes.

The Bin Blaster safely handles wheelie bins between 80-1100 litres. No clamping or modification is required either. Gone are the days of manually tipping a bin onto its side, lifting it to drain water and potentially scratching or damaging its exterior.

Made in a stainless steel construction, it’s durable and can be easily moved around a work site.


Additional Information

Improve Waste Management with the handy Bin Blaster!

This device works with all common wheelie bins. It features simple and easy to use controls, with braked castor wheels for additional control and comfort. The unit can fold flat within minutes for easy transportation and its durable with a stainless steel construction.

When in use, bins are lifted past horizontal positioning for ergonomic cleaning capabilities. Its ‘antler’ bin-hitch system ensures no bin clamping and the device is operated by its control lever. A simple turn lifts the wheelie bin for wash-down. No electric power is required, therefore, the Bin Blaster can be used anywhere with no risk of electric shock.

Bin Blaster Features

MBB1100 Specifications: 

  • Tipping Height – 1014 mm
  • Height – 1127 mm (excluding bin)
  • Width – 1109 mm (excluding bin)
  • Length – 1400 mm
  • Weight – 60 kg
  • Capacity (Max. Bin Weight) – 80 kg, dependent on local water pressure
  • Bin Compatibility (litres) – 80, 120, 140, 240, 360, 660, 1100
  • Power Specifications – Mains water supply driving 2 x ⌀ 80 mm hydraulic rams, design dynamic water pressure 40 psi, max draw at design pressure 20 lpm
  • User Interface – Raise/lower lever, two butterfly supply valve controls
  • Construction – 304 stainless steel frame, bin-hitch and lift ram, brass valves and plastic accessories
  • Wheels – ⌀ 100 mm Blue Resilex castors

Bin Blaster Dimensions

The Bin Blaster is supplied complete with a hose, regulator, variable nozzle and holster.

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Bin Blaster wheelie bin cleaner


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