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Sweepers Forklift Mounted

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Our Forklift-Mounted Sweeper covers large areas making labour-intensive tasks faster! With gather-up brushes on both sides, the sweeper has a sweeping width of 1500mm which gives it a superior cleaning ability.

The sweeper has fork pockets for the tynes to slip in and connect immediately. It is then pushed by the forklift and effectively handles sharp turns.

Requires no power as the traction wheels drive the gather-up brushes and pick-up roller. Simply drive the forklift into the attachment pocket and you are on your way.

Compared to battery or fuel-powered sweepers, this is amazingly economical. Features a neat inbuilt dust collecting fan with an easy clean, heavy-duty dust filter.

Additional Information

The Yuso sweeper is a wide area sweeper that mounts on a forklift truck.

It quickly sweeps large areas as it is pushed along by a forklift truck.

It requires no electricity or other power source.
• The brushes and dust collection fan are driven by traction wheels.

Mounts easily on your current forklift.
• For compatible forklift trucks, refer to the specifications.

Gather up brushes for dust collection.
• The ample sweeping width of 1500mm provides greatly increased sweeping capacity.

These time-saving and labour-saving devices can quickly sweep vast areas.
• Sweeping capacity is approx 7,500 square metres per hour (At a forklift speed of 5km per hour)

A built-in dust-collecting fan and heavy-duty dust filter minimise dust dispersal.
• Airborne dust (powdered dust particles) is minimised during sweeping.
• The sweeper is equipped with a filter cleaning mechanism that prevents clogging of the filter surface. Simply turn a wheel to clean the filter and maintain the effectiveness of the dust collector.

Dust disposal is a breeze
• Simply lift the sweeper with the forklift and move it directly to the dust disposal site.
• Just pull the attached rope to open the lid of the dust box. The lid closes automatically when the unit is lowered.


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Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

1500mm sweeping width
With 2 side brushes
Suits any and all fork trucks


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