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The MFST200 Slip-On Tow Jib is a dual-purpose attachment that performs the dual functions of lifting and towing. It’s an easy to use forklift attachment that not only tows heavy loads but also has general lifting capabilities. Its design makes it incredibly lightweight, simple to operate, and extremely long-lasting.

As the name suggests, this Slip-On Tow Jib easily connects to a forklift. Two lifting hooks and two fork locking pins help to ensure the jib is secured to forks during operation. This allows your forklift to achieve more and have additional capabilities. It tows up to 500 kg in capacity but has a lifting load limit of up to 2000 kg. A 50 mm tow ball with a safety swivel hook is included.

The Forklift Tow Jib also complies with all Australian standards and requirements.


Additional Information

A versatile forklift jib for towing and lifting!

The Tow Jib is a versatile and lightweight materials handling solution. It’s essentially a forklift attachment that may be used for towing as well as ordinary lifting. Operators can quickly connect the attachment to a forklift to allow greater workplace flexibility. Not only does it allow your forklift to achieve more, but it also meets safety requirements and regulations.

Forklift Tow Jib Features:

  • A lifting jib capacity of 2000 kg with two hooks places 600 mm apart.
  • Tows weight up to 500 kg using a 50 mm tow ball.
  • A 2-tonne safety swivel hook and shackle are included.
  • Quick connection to a forklift is made possible by a slip-on attachment and fork locking pins.
  • Simple to operate.
  • Lightweight construction with a zinc finish.
MFST200 Specifications:
  • Working Load Limit (WLL) – 2000 kg
  • Maximum Trailer Weight – 500 kg
  • Load Centre – 1200 mm
  • Unit Weight – 50 kg
  • Fork Pocket Size – 140 x 65 mm
  • Fork Pocket Centres -250 mm
  • Zinc finish

Please note, that the towing of trailers by a forklift fitted with a tow jib can impose overturning forces on the forklift and additional force on the mast and braking system. The load being towed must be no greater than 25% of the mass of the forklift. Towing should be carried out in a slow, smooth and controlled manner and on level ground. Sharp turning must be avoided at all times to prevent jack-knifing of the trailer.

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Product Variations

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Forklift Slip-On Tow Jib

MFST200 $680.00

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