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Dimensioning System iDimension LTL Pallet

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The iDimension LTL uses advanced sensing technology to determine the cubic dimensions of freight, ensuring that freight code compliance is recorded and declared. The iDimension LTL removes the potential for human error when taking measurements. iDimension LTL accurately captures freight dimensions in less than two seconds.

iDimension LTL Stop and Go Feature
Increases throughput of palletized dimensioning, the iDimension LTL Stop and Go feature provides an NTEP approved capability of measuring pallets without having to remove the forklift from the target zone for up to 1830 x 1830 x 2133mm {L x W x H} pallets and continue to achieve accuracy and less than 2 second dimension time.

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Additional Information

Standard Features
• Legal for Trade measurement range for maximum freight size at 2440 x 2440 x 2440mm and minimum freight size at 305 x 305 x 305mm with 13mm accuracy
• 360-degree access for easy pallet placement in the center of the target zone
• No moving parts and solid-state design
• Minimal set-up and training required
• Up to four low-resolution intensity images provide a bounding box to identify measurement recorded and can be configured to include time and date, scan ID, serial number, dimensions and dimensioning indications

• Up to two high-resolution cameras enable freight identification, damage assessment and tracking
• LED lighting kit reflects a light grid on the floor, eliminating the need to paint, etch or tape the dimensioning zone
• 905mm forklift operator display provides instantaneous feedback to the forklift or pallet jack operator, communicating dimensions and system status
• iDimension software suite provides a customizable GUI and triggering methods, storage, logging and transfer of shipment and dimensional data and ftp images to existing ERP, TMS and WMA without the use of the iDimension web service interface API
•  iDimension software suite can be used to integrate the iDimension LTL with barcode scanners, floor scales and forklift scales

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Product Variations

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iDimension LTL


Software – Webserver database collection and integration program
Add the software only if you are not at ease with collecting the data straight from the API which is also possible. The software just makes it easier.


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