Easi Picker Pallet Retrieval Devices

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The onus on employers in Australia, is to keep workplaces safe. During manual handling tasks it is preferable to provide devices & practices that lessen or delete hazards and risks for the prevention of muscular skeletal disorders. The Easi Picker is one of those devices designed to radically increase safety and efficiency. They are available with our without turntables to suit standard CHEP size pallets or optionally for Euro size pallets.

1000kg Easi Picker

This is a revolutionary new way to pick or retrieve goods, by staff especially at lower levels, in awkward or hard to get places. It simply pulls the pallet out for instant, easy, all round access without effort. It is ideal for use in retail stores, warehouses, document storage facilities or any other place where stock is required to be retrieved off pallets, especially those tucked away under pallet racking. A new locking system allows the Easi Pickers  to be automatically locked in the extended or retracted position. This device is delivered with a handle & hanging bracket to mount to racking.

1000kg Easi Picker with Rotating Table

This version with a 360 degree turntable allows operators to rotate the pallet whilst loading and unloading. This unit is also delivered with a handle & hanging bracket to mount to racking.

2000kg Easi Picker with Palift

The Easi Picker may also be used in conjunction with our Palift ergonomic lift that ensures a palletised load is gradually raised or lowered automatically to maintain the top of the load at an ideal loading height throughout the entire operation. The Palift is also fitted with a turntable so there is a minimum of stretching.

1000kg Easi Picker Racking Roller

The Racking Roller enables personnel to retrieve a loaded pallet clear from the pallet storage rack to allow easy and safe picking from the pallet & access at a safe working height. It can extract a fully loaded CHEP (1000kg) from any desired pallet racking location & can be set to any desired working height. They have a fail safe locking system which requires two steps before the unit can be extended. The units have been designed to fit into your existing pallet racking.


Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price  

Easi Picker pallet retriever with lock system


Easi Picker pallet retriever with rotate table 1000kg


Racking Roller 1000kg with Lock system


Easi Picker with Palift & Turntable


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