Drum Tilting Stand Emptying

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The DTS60 Tilting Drum Stand is designed to assist staff in dispensing liquid from a standard 205L drum. As the product is drained from the drum the spring mechanism raises the drum to help tip the fluid from the drum.

The Drum Tilt Stand tilts the drum up to 10° to allow decanting directly from a steel 205L drum. Tie-down points allow the drum to be safely secured for transport and storage. Fork pockets are included for easy handling and positioning by forklift around the workplace. The intelligent design is capable of storage in pallet racking and with a zinc-plated design is guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Tilting Drum Stand (spring)

DTS60 $370.00

Tilting Drum Stand with spill bin
1 drum

DRM1 $930.00

Tilting Drum Stand with spill bin
2 drum

DRM2 $1,470.00

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