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Vacuum Tube Lifter Easyhand Pro

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Easyhand Pro Vacuum Tube Lifter is ideal for rapid material handling tasks for goods up to 50 kg. It grips goods from any side and easily rotates a full 360º to place and position them where required. It also is a unique vacuum lift that can be configured for many tasks.

Easyhand Pro is specially designed for express parcel, package and carton handling activities. An extremely versatile unit, this vacuum lifter can handle a wide variety of items, sizes, shapes and weights. They are most suitable where fast, safe and effective handling is required.

  • Fast and reliable
  • Safe, ergonomic and user-friendly
  • Lightweight and versatile
  • Increases productivity and reduces risks
  • Low investment cost
  • Low service cost
  • Reduced risk of parcel damage
  • Available in stainless steel

Additional Information

Easyhand Pro Vacuum Lifter handles a great variety of goods!

Customers from a number of industries have benefited from this robust vacuum tube lifter. Many industries are improving productivity as the Easyhand Pro integrates effectively into any organisation. Use this device for transport, postal, food, meatworks, warehousing, aviation and other diverse applications. It’s incredibly user-friendly, lightweight and very easily managed.

Extremely Ergonomic Lifting.

Easyhand Pro is ergonomic to use. All control functions are built into a compact handle with suction cup. The unit can rotate 360° and tilt by 90° to pick up loads. No effort is required during this lifting process, as the unit enables an operator to move freely whilst using their hand to manipulate the load.

Incredibly Versatile Functionality.

Easyhand Pro can handle goods in a variety of sizes, shapes and weights. The device easily grips the object from any side and lifts it. As mentioned, the unit rotates to place goods where required.

Decreases injuries and strains in any workplace.

Easyhand Pro puts no heavy strain on posture, which normally results from poor manual handling activities. The unit does not require a user to pick up heavy objects themselves. Its simple suction cup locks securely onto an object, raising it to the required destination with a simple touch. All movement is within the hand, no muscles are required!

Many models and accessories are available.

Patented with inbuilt height technology, Easyhand Pro can be utilised and customised for many different tasks. The lifter can be installed in areas with low ceiling height, which makes it incredibly flexible. Available in stainless steel, it can be equipped with a number of accessories (like remote controls, energy-saving systems, and different types of suction feet) to suit your business workplace needs. The Easyhand Pro is designed for fast material handling activities and can lift goods up to 50 kg.

Vacuum Tube Lifter Easyhand Pro 15

Vacuum Tube Lifter Easyhand Pro

Vacuum Tube Lifter Easyhand Pro 26

See the Easyhand Pro in action!

See a selection of videos below that all utilise the Easyhand Pro Vacuum Tube Lifter in their operations.

Airport Baggage Handling

Safe Parcel Handling

Distribution & Order Picking

Palletising Loads

Depalletising Loads

Sortation Assistance

How to operate the Easyhand Pro?

The Easyhand Pro is extremely easy to use. Check out our User Guide Diagrams below for information.

Vacuum Tube Lifter Easyhand Pro 42

Vacuum Tube Lifter Easyhand Pro 39

Vacuum Tube Lifter Easyhand Pro 26

Vacuum Tube Lifter Easyhand Pro 11

Vacuum Tube Lifter Easyhand Pro 17

Step 1: Right or Left Handed Operation

Detach the release button and insert into the anchorage point on the opposite side. User can make selection (depending on whether operator requires right or left handed use).

Step 2: Control Lever

Attach the suction cup onto the load. Decreased pressure raises lift. To lower, increase pressure on the control lever. Without load, the lift is ready in its pre-set balancing position.

Step 3: Rotate the Load

The control unit is ready to be rotated. If goods need to be placed in a specific space, rotate the load when the control unit is held stationary.

Step 4: Gripping Angles

Attach goods via any side of the heavy load. This unit can acquire goods of different shapes and sizes. If gripping from a side angle, hold the suction cup and angle it forwards.

Step 5: Release Button

Release the load into position by pressing the release button. This will disengage the unit from the goods. Very useful if you don’t want to wait for a parcel to reach a solid support.

Technical Data:

Vacuum Tube Lifter Easyhand pro diagram

Vacuum Tube Lifter Easyhand Pro 1


Vacuum Tube Lifter Easyhand electric vane pump Electric vacuum pump Vane C Vane D Vane K Vane I
Power 0.75 kW 1.25 kW 1.4 kW 2.2 kW
Voltage 415 V 3 phase 415 V 3 phase 415 V 3 phase 415 V 3 phase
Weight 26 kg 39 kg 66 kg 69 kg
Flow (m3/hour) 25 40 60 90
Vacuum Tube Lifter Easyhand Pro control unit Lift Unit Easyhand Pro
Recommended Max Load (KG) 50
Weight (kg) 6
Sound level (dBA) 54


Vacuum Tube Lifter Easyhand pneumatic pump Pneumatic vacuum pump PI 100 PI 150
Air Consumption (Nl/h at 6 bar) 420 630
Sound level (dBA) 60 60



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Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Easyhand Pro 60 / BE 25 vanes (C)


Easyhand Pro 60 / BE 40 vanes (D)


Easyhand Pro 60 / BE 90 vanes (I)


Easyhand Pro 60 / Ejector PI 100 (A)


Easyhand Pro 60 / Ejector PI 150 (B)


Tube lifter Easyhand Pro 60


Easyhand Pro 80 / BE 25 vanes (C)


Easyhand Pro 80 / BE 40 vanes (D)


Easyhand Pro 80 / BE 90 vanes (I)


Easyhand Pro 80 / Ejector PI 100 (A)


Easyhand Pro 80 / Ejector PI 150 (B)


Tube lifter Easyhand Pro 80


Easyhand Pro 100 / BE 25 vanes (C)


Easyhand Pro 100 / BE 40 vanes (D)


Easyhand Pro 100 / BE 90 vanes (I)


Easyhand Pro 100 / Ejector PI 100 (A)


Easyhand Pro 100 / Ejector PI 150 (B)


Tube lifter Easyhand Pro 100


Easyhand Pro 120 / BE 25 vanes (C)


Easyhand Pro 120 / BE 40 vanes (D)


Easyhand Pro 120 / BE 90 vanes (I)


Easyhand Pro 120 / Ejector PI 100 (A)


Easyhand Pro 120 / Ejector PI 150 (B)


Tube lifter Easyhand Pro 120


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