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Pallet Bin Tippers Forklift Mounted

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Our Hydraulic Forward Mega Bin Tipper handles and empties mega bins with ease. Perfect for agricultural, manufacturing and warehouse applications, it features an extensive Working Load Limit (WLL) of 1000 kg.

The slip-on attachment quickly mounts a forklift within seconds. Using hydraulic mechanisms, the device clamps onto a bin and rotates it for emptying. A forklift driver doesn’t need to leave their seat during operation. Our Hydraulic Forward Mega Bin Tipper is suitable for bins up to 1200 mm square, with heights ranging between 700-900 mm. 

    Additional Information

    How does the Forward Mega Bin Tipper work?

    The slip-on attachment fits a forklift in seconds. The MFBTSM includes one hydraulic sequence valve reducing the risk of dropping the bin as rotation only commences after the bin is clamped. Operation and bin rotation will not commence until a bin is firmly restrained and clamped securely. The MFBTFH has two hydraulic functions and is best suited for fast and high-volume tipping. The clamp arms are designed to hold the bin with a strong grip, however, they are gentle in their action to avoid any damage. 


    • Working Load Limit – 1000 kg
    • Load Centre – 880 mm
    • Rotation Angle – 124o
    • Lost Load – 300 mm
    • Unit Weight – 350 kg
    • Fork Pocket Size – 155 x 55 mm
    • For Pocket Centres – 540 mm
    • Horizontal C of G – 600 mm
    • Vertical C of G – 75 mm
    • Suitable for bins up to 1200 mm square, with height ranging between 700-900 mm. 
    • Maximum Tine Size:  150 x 50 mm
    • Non-standard size and capacity attachments can be manufactured. 
    • Enamel Paint Finish

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    Click the PDF button to learn more.

    Product Variations

    Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

    Forward Bulk Bin Tipper- Hydraulic
    Requires 2 hydraulic functions from the forklift

    MFBTFH $8,880.00

    Forward Bulk Bin Tipper- Hydraulic
    Fitted with sequencing valve (requires 3rd hydraulic function only)

    MFBTSM $8,980.00

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