Crane Waste Bins

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Our Crane Waste Bins provide a robust handling and waste management solution for construction, manufacturing, shipping and warehouse industries (to name few!). With great versatility, they are suitable for storage and are commonly used to transport heavy loads and materials, like waste, components and parts. Its heavy-duty build provides durability, while its handy design allows the bin to be stacked on top of another for maximum convenience. Additionally, the Crane Bin can be used as a spill containment solution for drums or for extra storage in racking.

These Bins are also easily moved around a worksite via their fork pockets or crane lugs. On Cranes, the load can be quickly upended, and on forklifts, if fitted with a rotator, loads can be emptied. When not in use, a Crane Waste Bin can be stored away and steadily stacked up to four bins high and when fully loaded.

Crane Waste Bins are available in two models – MSSC700 or MSSC900. They feature a Working Load Limit (WLL) of up to 2000 kg.


Additional Information

Crane Waste Bins provide a great solution to heavy-duty storage!

Our great range of Stackable Crane Bins provides great flexibility in heavy-duty storage and transportation. Not only are these bins pallet racking friendly, but the base provides four-way access for easy maneuverability. Transport heavy loads by crane or forklift, or opt for some additional wheels for quick movement. Crane Waste Bins are heavy-duty with a reliable design.


  • Robust and durable construction that supports heavy loads up to 2000 kg WLL.
  • Suits waste and materials and use in manufacturing, warehouse, mining, shipping, defence and building/construction industries.
  • Fitted with for pockets for easy transfer around the site. The load can be further emptied by a forklift fitted with a rotator.
  • Crane lugs allow for lifting and upending the load.
  • Racking locators make this bin ideal for heavy-duty racking storage.
  • Stacks four bins high (when fully loaded).
  • The base is designed to allow for 4-way access to the bin.
  • Optional wheel kit is available to allow bin to be easily moved on site.
  • Galvanised finish.

MSSC700 Specifications: 

  • Working Load Limit (WLL) – 2000 kg
  • Capacity – 0.7 m3
  • Overall Measurements (W x L x H) – 1250 x 1250 x 780 mm
  • Fork Pocket Size – 155 x 60 mm
  • Fork Pocket Centres – 470 mm
  • Unit Weight – 150 kg

MSSC900 Specifications: 

  • Working Load Limit (WLL) – 2000 kg
  • Capacity – 0.9 m3
  • Overall Measurements (W x L x H) – 1250 x 1250 x 980 mm
  • Fork Pocket Size – 155 x 60 mm
  • Fork Pocket Centres – 470 mm
  • Unit Weight – 170 kg

MSSC700 Crane Waste Bins

MSSC700 Crane Waste Bin

MSSC900 Crane Waste Bins

MSSC900 Crane Waste Bin

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Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Crane Waste Bin 0.7 m3


Crane Waste Bin 0.9 m3


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