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Our Mobile Pallet Load Inverters are a reliable and safe solution for pallet inverting and stack turning. They are incredibly versatile machines that combine the power of forklift trucks and the flexibility of modern pallet inverters.

We have a number of models available to assist in your materials handling activities. ArgoAries and Pharma are battery operated and electronically controlled devices, that can lift heavy loads with simplicity and ease. They feature Curtis traction control for the delicate handling of goods.

Additional Information

What is a mobile pallet inverter?

Mobile pallet inverter is a type of material handling equipment designed to quickly and efficiently flip pallets upside down. These machines are commonly used in warehouses, distribution centers, and other facilities where pallets are frequently handled and stored.

Our Mobile Pallet Load Inverters gently handle goods to ensure no damage or marks are left on loads. A low-cost and flexible machine, they are able to meet the handling requirements specified by your company. The units do not require specific installation procedures, are incredibly easy to use and can be put immediately to work. Each device can be up and running in minutes! Argo, Aries and Pharma are completely compliant with relevant safety standards.

Argo Pallet Inverter in action

Three models are available!

The Argo and Aries series are widely used in the printing industries. They are designed to handle large loads and can invert pallets in less than a minute (without compressing them), allowing maximum continuity in any production process. Both series turn stacks of paper without exerting pressure, gently handle freshly printed sheets and deliver them directly to printing machines. These models are also suitable for other industries and are great partners in food or manufacturing facilities.

The Argo features a 1000kg capacity and is also available with an optional Air Jogger. This makes it the perfect partner for printing equipment as it efficiently jogs paper stacks, reduces static electricity in paper sheet stacks and levels the sides of packs. It’s also available in a wide straddle version for double-faced CHEP and LOSCAM pallets.

Alternatively, the Aries features a capacity of 1600kg and is an extremely versatile machine. It has an extremely powerful internal battery that makes it a neat and robust modern stacker. The Aries device easily moves various pallets and can also separate stacks, distributing them over several pallets. It works with various materials of varied sizes, including punched paper, PVC sheets and booklets (as does the Argo).

The Pharma has a capacity of 1000kg and is specifically used for pharmaceutical, food and other industries. It’s the ideal partner for moving boxes, drums, sacks and loose items. It features three security mobile grills – two are located laterally to avoid materials falling and the other is fixed onto two forks and covered with a soft material.

Find the right solution for your workplace!

We can help you identify which Mobile Pallet Load Inverter will be the best solution for your organisation. In addition, check out our Pallet Inverters, Dispensers and Retrievers range.

Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Argo 1000kg


Argo 1000kg straddle version


Pharma 1000kg


Aries 1600kg


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