Roll Lifting and Turning

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Our Manual Roll Turners are used to lift and then rotate rolls from vertical to horizontal positions. The expanding mandrel grips the rolls by the core with secure expanding segments. Rotation between core vertical to core horizontal is effortless. The operator releases a latch and the roll is manually rotated in the same axis of centre of gravity.

The strength of these systems is in their quick-change mandrel that allows the operator to change mandrel size without tools. Perfect for handling rolls with a variety of different core diameter or different core materials (plastic, cardboard etc).

The Manual Roll Turners allow safe and problem free lifting and rotating of reels by a single person. Reduce risks of worker injury and increase workplace safety with this ergonomic and efficient solution. Our roll lifters are highly versatile and can be suspended from existing lifting equipment or a new lifting solution provided by us!

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You can download our Manual Roll Turners brochures below or alternatively browse or Reel and Roll Handling range!

Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Manual Roll Turner
Mandrel sold separately
150kg capacity


Manual Roll Turner
Auto levelling suspension point
Mandrel sold separately
150kg capacity


3″ mandrel with expanding grippers


6″ mandrel with expanding grippers


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