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Trailer Unloading Conveyor – Telescopic

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Short of space and no loading bay?  Our Telescopic Truck Loader is a mobile conveyor that offers a unique loading/unloading solution. A highly versatile and flexible device, these vehicle loaders require little space and can be easily moved to load lorries and trucks in different locations.

Our wide range of Telescopic Truck Loaders caters for all types and sizes of vehicles. Not only do they offer many ergonomic benefits, but with their resourceful design they can serve more than one door, all whilst transferring products from ground level to working height inside a truck. A power boom feeder is fitted at the rear of the Telescopic Truck Load to offer increased dexterity when loading product onto the machine.  

Additional Information

The Telescopic Truck Loader is heavy-duty and a flexible solution!

These devices are ideal for loading and unloading vehicles without a loading bay or raised dock. They can be moved by either power-assisted hydraulic steering (optional) or manually operated steering. A power boom feeder fitted at the rear of the loader increases flexibility when the device is being used. They feature a heavy-duty design, with ergonomically designed controls and powered raise/lower functionality on both booms.

Features of the Telescopic Truck Loader: 

  • Boom End Lights – provide illumination in the vehicle
  • Belt/Traction Drive Inverter – used to drive the belt, telescopic extension and the traction drive with smooth acceleration
  • Audible Warning – alerts the operator of impending belt start
  • Anti-Collision Strip – causes the machine to retract should it encounter an obstacle when extending
  • Impact Plate – 5 mm thick plate fitted to the front of the machine to take impact
  • Underside Covers – painted perforated steel covers fitted to telescopic sections to prevent operators from touching internal moving parts
  • Traction Drive – ables the machine to be easily moved; ideal for repositioning

Require another solution?

An alternative solution is our Van Loader, which uses a powered flexible roller conveyor at the front in lieu of the telescopic belt conveyor. Also, continue browsing our range of container loading and unloading devices

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Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Mobile Telescopic Truck Loader
600 mm wide with 9 m vehicle penetration


Mobile Telescopic Truck Loader
600 mm wide with 12 m vehicle penetration


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