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Stair Climber Trolley CargoMaster BC400

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Transport up to 400 kg single-handedly with our CargoMaster BC400. This powerful unit makes heavier loads even more possible when moving up and down stairs. Its state-of-the-art lifting mechanism accommodates almost every manual handling application.

The CargoMaster BC400 unit is robust and unique. It features an electrically adjustable loading fork that safely moves heavy products to your desired destination. Furthermore, its integrated lift function makes it extremely easy to load/unload shelves and vehicles.

This device can travel anywhere between 10-15 floors with one battery charge. If required further, the battery can easily be swapped for another spare and can even be charged from a vehicle.

Additional Information

Lift more with the CargoMaster BC400!

An ideal and reliable machine for transporting extremely heavy loads. The stair climber features an integrated lift for easy loading capabilities. Its adjustable climbing speed aids simple or complex jobs, making it incredibly versatile in use. It is suited to all situations of transportation and its in-built safety brakes ensures it stops at each step edge.

When operating, the device doesn’t damage or impact its surroundings. It has been fitted with puncture proof tyres for durability during any task. The integrated lifting mechanism is unique and will accommodate almost every manual handling situation. The CargoMaster BC400 adjusts the balance point of the load when on the stairs, so the operator is not under strain or concern for safety.

BC400 Specifications:

  • Lifting Capacity – 400 kg
  • Climbing Speed – 3-8 steps per minute
  • Range (with one battery charge) – 8-15 floors
  • Height – 1512 mm
  • Width – 564 mm
  • Depth – 782 mm
  • Batteries – 2 x 12 V / 5 Ah
  • Motor – 24 V
  • Battery Pack Weight – 4.1 kg
  • Total Weight – 84.3 kg

After a lighter solution?

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CargoMaster C400 stair climber


Battery charger for the vehicle


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