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Stair Climbing Hand Truck Skipper

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The Skipper Stair Climber is an electric stair-climbing hand truck ideal for large and lengthy items. With little user effort, the device bears the complete heavy load and navigates stairwells with ease. Using the joystick, the user may alter the orientation of the rails at any moment. This device suits high and long loads such as doors and windows.

With the new Skipper Stair Climber, items that are long or bulky are no longer an issue. The heavy-duty model effortlessly lifts and moves loads of up to 400 kg without endangering the user’s health or causing harm to the stairwell. Like the similar Domino Stair Climber, the Skipper features special non-marking crawler tracks, which are perfect to use across any surface, even unfinished. 

The Skipper Stair Climbing Hand Truck ensures the weight remains on the staircase, and the user does not need to balance the load. This model is equipped with many safety features from an adjustable height to variable tilting.

Additional Information

Skipper Stair Climbing Hand Truck

A revolution in transporting heavy loads. 

Are you ready to take things to the next level with the Skipper Stair Climber?

This device easily navigates stairs and turns in very tight areas thanks to its independent crawler tracks. On the stairs, the weight is entirely unloaded as it travels. It also never leaves a mark on the surfaces it passes through. There’s always a solution with the new Skipper.  Even in places that lack height or space.

Adjustable load inclination

When there is insufficient room height, the Skipper adapts to perform its handling duty! The operator may select the best work position for the kind of cargo and the number of stairs they have to travel, avoiding any small slopes or height barriers that could cause a problem during transport.

Non-marking, independent crawler tracks

The stair climber tracks are exceptionally high-performing and may be used in a variety of scenarios. This includes finished or delicate flooring, like parquet, wood, or marble, as well as across building sites and stone or iron stairwells.

Suitable even on spiral or angled stairs

The Skipper functions with two operating modes. When the tracks are completely extended, resting on several steps, it identifies the most comfortable or safe working conditions. Alternatively, in the vertical position, narrow landings and angled steps can be overcome. The vertical position requires more user dexterity, as the operator must be able to manage the balance of the load.

Operator is in complete control

The operator has complete control over the direction of the device and is easily controlled using a joystick, which lets the user change course at any time. On landings and in restricted places, the Skipper may also rotate 360 degrees.

5 Position Base Skipper Stair Climber

0-18 cm height-adjustable
5-position base


Technical Specifications
  • Available Load Capacities – 160, 300 and 400 kg
  • Structure – Extendable and adjustable
  • Battery Life – approx. 1000 steps (160 kg), approx. 750 steps (300 kg) and approx. 500 steps (400 kg)
  • Operating Space – Independent crawler tracks allow movement on helical and winder stairs
  • Standard Equipment – 1 Fixing Strap, 1 Battery Charger, 1 Standard Base (dimension – 40 cm width x 25 cm depth)

Skipper Flat Surfaces

Using the Skipper, loads may be transported on level surfaces, both indoors and out.

Skipper Physical Effort

The Skipper moves very heavy loads without a user exerting physical effort, allowing a single person to carry the burden independently and securely.

Skipper Tilt Direction 1You can alter the load angle at any moment thanks to the variable tilt mechanism, which allows the stair climber to respond to varied gradients.

Skipper Moves tight corners

Even in tight places, the independent crawler tracks with a double electric motor provide optimum moving comfort.

Skipper Weight Balance

Because the Skipper disperses the weight on the stairwell, it is not necessary to maintain the loads balance. This stair climber does the hard work for you!

Accessories are available!

There are accessories available that allow you to move doors and windows with ease. This option ensures these items are transported at an angle, allowing them to easily pass through narrow stairwells and low entrances while keeping Skipper’s weight evenly balanced during operation.

skipper slide 03

skipper slide 02

skipper slide 01

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Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Skipper plasmoid 300kg


Skipper plasmoid 400kg


Extra battery package for Skipper Plasmoid


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